Wrap up Winter Respite read-a-thon 2016

I finished the books I wanted to read this week though it wasn't as many books like I had for the Halloween read-a-thon but that is okay. It always seems that towards the beginning of the year I am always super busy then it all dies down a bit only to be super busy come summer time.

The books I chose to read are the following since they are all NetGalley books that are not due to be on my blog until the published date but I did put the reviews on Goodreads which you can check out by just clicking the link.

The Truth by Jeffry W. Johnston Goodreads
Sinking Stones from the Sky Blog
Summit Lake by Charlie Donlea Goodreads
The Doll's House Goodreads 

I want to give Michelle the one who host this read-a-thon every year. Her blog is called Seasons of Reading (which is really neat). With her read-a-thon's I have found myself pushing myself to read a bit more than I normally do and for that it helps my TBR pile come down just a little bit more. :)

If you guys want to join in next time just head on over to her blog (you can click the picture below) and you can stay up to date on when the next one will be happening.


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