Review: Love's River: Laura Sullivan

Love s River: Relaxing Music for Sleep, Calming Music, Soothing Music, Background Music, Dinner Music, New Age Music, Spa Music, Yoga Music, Relaxing Piano Music, Meditation Music

I received this product to give an honest review.

What can I say about this music that probably hasn't been said before? I am really impressed with the songs on the track. They are just perfect to listen to whenever, they just make you seem to forget everything around you while you just focus on the music and listen to the instruments being played. I can honestly say I have always loved how a piano has been played and always wished I had learned it. She author has done a remarkable job with the sound of the piano along with other musical instruments to where they go together just right. To me this music feels as though it has a story to be told through the music with no words being spoken, I once again wish I had just one favorite track number but I don't. Though I have to say Holding Heaven was the one song that called out to me. I can not pinpoint exactly what it is about the song but it just has me sit back and just calmly breath and let everything go.
If you haven't listened to this artist I highly suggest you listen to the samples first and let that determine if you buy the CD or not which you can purchase on Amazon.


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