Review: Bearing The Monster's Baby: The Complete Edition Parts 1-5 (Bearing the Monster's Baby - Werewolf Shape Shifter Paranormal Fantasy) by Monica Thornton

26082767Title: Bearing The Monster's Baby: Complete Edition
Author: Monica Thorton
Published: Aug. 9, 2015
Publisher: Oynx Publishing
Pages: 232
Genre: Adult. Paranormal
Review: ebook
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This box set is a complete collection of the Bearing The Monster's Baby series and contains parts 1-5.

Psychology major student Margery Adams has always had an attraction to danger. Love hurts and sometimes the most passionate relationships in life are also the deadliest. But nothing she knows about herself or human nature can prepare her for Martin Valmont, a bad seed college dropout with a mysterious past and an inhumanly vicious temper.

Everybody warns her against getting involved with Martin, but Margery can’t help her attraction. There is something truly evil, truly monstrous about Martin—from his unnaturally seductive voice to his aggressive flirting, to his strange behavior when he sees a half moon.

Her strange relationship with Martin is incendiary and grows increasingly dangerous as she dares to love the most notorious man in town. The only thing scarier than Martin’s temper is his vulnerability. And the only thing deadlier than his wrath is his uncontrollable passion.

This series contains unrestrained sex, adult language and dangerous situations. For adult readers only.

This book is meant for 18+ there are some very descriptive  sex scenes within this story. 
I love anything paranormal and you throw some sex into it has to be a good story right? Well for me I was not truly digging this story being told. Margery is a college student and she always falls for the bad boys I mean who wouldn't right? Then one day while crying and being upset she meets Martin he is rude and doesn't care. This starts the obsession of Margery stalking Martin. There is something going on with him and no matter how many time he pushes Margery away she just won't leave him alone. So what does he do? He gives it to her and lets just say I felt hurt down yonder after reading how big his thing was and it kept growing. How in the hell she could take it is beyond me. When Margery sees what Martin is she willing accepts him, but of course she truly has no choice as she is carrying a monster inside of her. Will she be able to safely deliver this baby or will she die? 
Margery was an okay character I didn't really connect with her on any level , Martin he is a butt from the beginning though he does seem to become a bit sweeter with Margery being pregnant with his child. So that won him some points on liking him. 
Now I see the author has a good way of storytelling but the sex scenes didn't feel real to me I felt the author was over doing it at times. The way Martin and Margery acted didn't seem normal it just felt rushed I guess you would say. 
There was a part within the story where Margery mentioned that students on campus were wondering about her and Martin and how he was a vampire or a werewolf how did they come to this conclusion? 
There is a scene where there is a blindfold involved and she takes it off to see everything around her, well then a few pages later the blindfold is being taken off again how does this happen?
Last but not least the baby, it is mentioned that his head spins 360 degrees wait so we are now dealing with the exorcist? When I saw this mentioned I just kept thinking demon child. 
I think the author should for sure go back over the sex scenes and make them seem realistic in my opinion. Make us feel what these two sex addicts are doing not just reading what they are doing if that makes sense. 
 As I sit here with this review I am torn between 2 stars and 3 so I am just going to go ahead and give it a 2 based on the goodreads rating of "its ok."

Monica Thornton
I'm Monica!

I was born and raised in the North East but am a small town girl at heart. Most of my friends know me as a peppy optimist, so my writing allows me to draw inspiration from my dark and kinky side. You'll always find a romance book within reach of my bed where I can get under the covers and dream about sexy and mysterious men.

When I'm not writing you can usually find me teaching yoga classes, baking and playing with my cat Taylor.


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