New Release: Erin The Fire Goddess Destruction by Lavinia Urban

Title: Erin The Fire Goddess Destruction 
Author: Lavinia Urban
Published: Oct. 31, 2015
Publisher: Self
Pages: 235
Buy Links: Amazon, 

There is a war coming.
Decisions have to be made.
Lives will be lost.
The end is nigh.
Whilst Erin is taking her exams, the rest of Galladale is preparing for the army that is coming.
A crucial discovery is the key to saving lives, but can it withstand the pending destruction?
What does General Malcolm Roberts want? Will he be able to rescue Sophie before it’s too late?
What will happen in this final installment?

Lavinia originally grew up in Cheshire and now lives in a small village just outside of Edinburgh with her husband and two daughters.Writing has always been something that Lavinia have loved since an early age but it wasn't until 2010 when the idea came to her to write Erin the Fire Goddess.
Lavinia chose to name the main character and her sister after her two daughters, who inspire Lavinia to write every day.


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