ARC review: Mourning Inamorata (Revenants in Purgatory Book 3) by Nicki Scalise

27015741Title: Mourning Inamorata (Book 3)
Author: Nicki Scalise
Publisher: Self
Published: Oct. 16, 2015
Pages: 206
Genre: Paranormal
Review: ebook provided by author
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Drake Covington is a broken man. A moment of weakness has cost him the woman he loves. Without Olivia, his afterlife loses all meaning. That is until, months after their breakup, she leaves him a mysterious message foretelling danger on the horizon.
The Silence is a realm of despair. Katarina Everette, Drake's ex-lover and Olivia's mortal enemy, was supposed to be locked away there forever, but now she's free and hell bent on revenge. Knowing that nobody he cares about will be safe from her wrath, Drake finds new purpose to his meaningless existence. Using their history against her, he'll take Katarina down from the inside.
But she has other plans in mind — plans that force Drake to come face to face with an evil that terrifies him. Can he walk the razor's edge, pretending to carry out Katarina's scheme without losing himself? Or will he have to succumb to the darkness in order to protect those he holds most dear?

I received this book via the author to give an honest review.

I have loved this series from the very beginning, the characters are awesome and plot is amazing. I really enjoyed reading from Drake's point of view in this story. We see how heartbroken he is over not being able to be with Olivia and you can't help but feel for him. Now of course his ex-lover is back from the place she was suppose to be in forever and is wanting revenge. Will Drake join Katrina on her quest for revenge or will he plan on stopping her? You just have to read to find out. I totally want to say more but I really think I will be giving a lot away with anymore typing. 
With the way it seemed to end I am wondering if there will be a book four and I sure hope there is. 
I think the author did a great job with getting Drake's voice out there for us all to read, I highly recommend this series and suggest you get book one and start from there. 

Nicki Scalise
  • Nicki Scalise lives in the foothills of northern Colorado with her husband, four dogs, and a chinchilla. With so many furry, tail-wagging monsters running wild, the house is generally in varied states of chaos. If ever they give her a break, she spends her free time imagining new worlds, watching Firefly for the millionth time, or counting down the days until the next Comic Con.


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