#PBwkendread Review: Solitary (Escape From Furance #2) by Alexander Gordon Smith

9591447Title: Solitary (Escape From Furnace #2)
Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
Published: July 5, 2011
Publisher: Square Fish
Pages: 256
Genre: Teen
Review: Paperback from Library
Buy Links: Amazon, Amazon.uk 

Alex tried to escape.
He had a perfect plan.
He was almost free. Even felt the cool, clean air on his face.
Then the dogs came.
Now he’s locked in a place so gruesome—so hellish—that escape doesn’t even matter.
He just wants to survive.

So I read book one and was very impressed with it. If you haven't read book one than I highly suggest you read it as you will be lost if you start on Solitary.
So in this story if you remember Alex and his buddies went to try to escape via a tunnel that was collapsed. We left off where they got through and that was it, we never learned if they got to see daylight. 
Well I guess from the synopsis we learn that they didn't. It seems the boys got caught and they are thrown into the hole. Now Alex has learned before what the hole was about via his friend Donovan and it didn't sound pretty.
Now that Alex has been captured it is a matter of time before he probably ends up going crazy or so you would think, as we read on we learn that there are things deep below that are scary and gruesome and are willing to help Alex get out. It seems that there is something more going on in the furnace besides just framing kids and having them in hell. 
Now in the hole we see and feel what Alex goes through and we watch him try to escape more than once. Will he even succeed? 
I thought the author could have let Alex stay in the hole a bit more longer than he did and the reason I think that is because it would have been interesting to see how sane he would have been via three days or a week. We get more interaction with the wheezers in this one and we learn about what happened to Donovan and it just makes you feel bad for all the boys that are still in prison. 
 I am not sure if I liked book one or this one a whole lot more it may be a tie between the both of them. I think teens will really enjoy this book it has the right amount of action and emotions that will have you wondering what will happen next. 

Alexander Gordon SmithAlexander Gordon Smith is the author of the Escape from Furnace series of young adult novels, includingLockdown and Solitary. Born in 1979 in Norwich, England, he always wanted to be a writer. After experimenting in the service and retail trades for a few years, Smith decided to go to University. He studied English and American Literature at the University of East Anglia, and it was here that he first explored his love of publishing. Along with poet Luke Wright, he founded Egg Box Publishing, a groundbreaking magazine and press that promotes talented new authors. He also started writing literally hundreds of articles, short stories and books ranging from Scooby Doo comic strips to world atlases, Midsomer Murders to X-Files. The endless research for these projects led to countless book ideas germinating in his head. His first book, The Inventors, written with his nine-year-old brother Jamie, was published in the U.K. in 2007. He lives in England.


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