Review: The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins

2767052Title: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Published: Sept. 14, 2008
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pages: 374
Genre: YA/ Post-Apocalyptic, Teen
Review: Paperback
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Winning will make you famous.
Losing means certain death.

The nation of Panem, formed from a post-apocalyptic North America, is a country that consists of a wealthy Capitol region surrounded by 12 poorer districts. Early in its history, a rebellion led by a 13th district against the Capitol resulted in its destruction and the creation of an annual televised event known as the Hunger Games. In punishment, and as a reminder of the power and grace of the Capitol, each district must yield one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 through a lottery system to participate in the games. The 'tributes' are chosen during the annual Reaping and are forced to fight to the death, leaving only one survivor to claim victory.
When 16-year-old Katniss's young sister, Prim, is selected as District 12's female representative, Katniss volunteers to take her place. She and her male counterpart Peeta, are pitted against bigger, stronger representatives, some of whom have trained for this their whole lives. , she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.

So I was suppose to have my review of this book up on Sunday when I finished it, but I have been super busy so I guess better late than never.

I don't know why I waited so long to read this book. I have seen the movie but I have to say the book is better. I got to really feel and understand Katniss in this story and I have to say she is a survivor through and through. 
Katniss and her family live in District 12 where it is a poor district the main job there is to be a coal miner. You can tell Katniss is a different than those in the district she really tries to take care of her mother and little sister Prim. When her sister gets picked to be part of the annual Reaping which there is no way out of Katniss steps up. It is something that hasn't seemed to happen before so of course you know it is going to be good. We read on as Katniss and the bakers son who is madly in love with her even though she doesn't know it as of yet train, eat good food, learn what the capital likes and doesn't like. 
When the games begin who will be left to survive as there can be only one winner or can there be? 

The character development was perfect to me on this book. You really got a feel for all the characters not just the main ones. I think one thing that got me with Katniss is  how she seemed to stick it to the capital when she could and it wasn't in your face type of thing but subtle. There is plenty of action though out the story that leaves you turning the pages as fast as you can read it. For me it was hard to imagine that these characters were between the ages of 12 and 18 I guess being in a situation where it is life or death makes you seem more grown up than you really are. I can not wait to jump into book two and then book three. If you haven't read The Hunger Games book one I highly suggest you do. #PaperbackFriday

Suzanne Collins
Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been busy writing for children’s television. She has worked on the staffs of several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy-nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. For preschool viewers, she penned multiple stories for the Emmy-nominated Little Bear and Oswald. She also co-wrote the critically acclaimed Rankin/Bass Christmas special, Santa, Baby! Most recently she was the Head Writer for Scholastic Entertainment’s Clifford’s Puppy Days.
While working on a Kids WB show called Generation O! she met children’s author James Proimos, who talked her into giving children’s books a try.
Thinking one day about Alice in Wonderland, she was struck by how pastoral the setting must seem to kids who, like her own, lived in urban surroundings. In New York City, you’re much more likely to fall down a manhole than a rabbit hole and, if you do, you’re not going to find a tea party. What you might find...? Well, that’s the story of Gregor the Overlander, the first book in her five-part series, The Underland Chronicles. Suzanne also has a rhyming picture book illustrated by Mike Lester entitled When Charlie McButton Lost Power.
She currently lives in Connecticut with her family and a pair of feral kittens they adopted from their backyard.
The books she is most successful for in teenage eyes are The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. These books have won several awards, including the GA Peach Award.


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