True North by Kelly Collins: Summer Blog Hop

Title: True North
Author: Kelly Collins
Published: June 2, 2015
Publisher: IndieWrites Inc. (self-;published)
Pages: 192
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Alexa leaves Los Angeles with a scarred heart, a beat-up car, and a secret. The legal system has failed her. Her family has abandoned her. She’s fleeing her hopelessness.

Zane already has more responsibilities than most, but when he finds a broken, but beautiful woman stranded on the side of the road, he rescues her. Picking up the pieces is what he does best.

Forced to work at Zane’s bar, Alexa watches suspiciously as young girls frequent Zane’s quarters. Surely he can’t be paying them for sex?
One night, Alexa finds out just how little she knows about her enigmatic and sexy boss. The last thing she expects to find reawakens heartache and guilt beyond imagination.

When Zane’s ex shows up unexpectedly, Alexa is determined to fight for him. For them. However, in order to fight, she has to reveal her past, and in doing so she could lose everything, again.

When you’ve lost your direction, trust your heart. It’s a good compass to follow when you’re looking for love.


I let him change me; I let them all change me. Between my mother, father, and Tyler, they sucked the joy and optimism out of my life. If I continue to be like this, it means they win. I need to find myself and get back to the Alexa I once was - the girl who laughed so much she snorted. I want soda to spurt out my nose. I want to sing when I shower. I want to dance in the rain and have water balloon fights in the heat of the day. I want to live again, not just exist.

BIOGRAPHY * Kelly Collins lives in Colorado with her husband, James. She’s the proud mother of three young adults. They are her greatest accomplishment.
Reading has always been a passion. That passion turned into a career after she took a flight to New York and asked a what if question. That question turned into her first book, Tempo.
She has a passion for her family, a love of lemon drop martinis and is known to stop for anything shiny. She loves hockey, gerbera daisies and standing in front of her fireplace until she nearly combusts.
Armed with a martini and her laptop, Kelly wants nothing more than to create a world that any woman would want to explore.
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