Review: Killing Secrets (Nan Vining Mysteries #5) by Dianne Emley

Title: Killing Secrets
Author: Dianne Emley
Pages: 277
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group- Alibi
Published: July 21, 2015
Genre: Murder/Mystery/Thriller
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For fans of Patricia Cornwell, Tana French, and Lisa Gardner comes a razor-sharp novel of suspense featuring Detective Nan Vining—a single mother whose worlds collide when her teenage daughter stumbles upon a grisly double homicide.
When she gets the call, Nan Vining responds as a mother first and a detective second. Her daughter, Emily, has made a gruesome discovery in a secluded section of a Pasadena park: a pretty, popular young teacher from Emily’s high school and a bright yet troubled transfer student—both dead and bloody in a copse of trees. But the crime scene isn’t the only thing that seems off to Detective Vining. There’s also the cocky classmate who was with Emily in the park—the boyfriend she never knew about. What else doesn’t she know about her daughter?
As she attempts to channel both her maternal and investigative instincts into one single point of focus, Vining’s superiors at the Pasadena Police Department are moving at lightning speed. Before the evidence has even been processed, the case is closed as a clear-cut murder/suicide: a disturbed teenager murders his teacher, then takes his own life. Vining doesn’t buy it. Now she’s chasing dangerous, powerful people with secrets they would kill for—and taking them down means risking her own flesh and blood.

I received this book to give an honest review.

WOW!! I truly enjoyed this detective book. The main character juggling not only being a mom but a detective as well she made it work and fit in her life. Nan seems to be a very strong character who has had a lot thrown at her, now I have never read the other books in this series but I really want to. I want to see the person that Nan has developed to be.  This book can be read as a stand alone I feel even though through out the book there are references to her previous case. 
Nan's daughter Emily and her boyfriend stumble across two bodies that they know. When Nan comes on the scene she starts noticing things are not going along like they should, something just seems a bit funny. From this point on Nan starts trying investigating the two victims which uncovers even more trouble, while doing her job she also is trying to understand what her daughter is doing as she has changed a lot. Nan doesn't like Emily's new boyfriend and we see them two get into a verbal assault a few times. When Nan's gun shows up on a crime scene she knows she needs to solve this case fast no matter what happens. Because she believes the killer will go either after her or her daughter, and if the case isn't solved she could lose her badge. The story is full of mystery and makes a great thriller. This is an author I plan on reading more of her work as she has a great writing style and a way of having you connect with the character on many levels. The story flows really well, there is no over use of details and what not it all blended in perfectly. 

Dianne Emley
Los Angeles Times bestselling author Dianne Emley is a Los Angeles native, growing up far from the city's glitz and glamour in a hardscrabble neighborhood in the multicultural Northeast side, where she attended public schools. She earned a B.A. in Philosophy and an MBA, both from UCLA, and has held a variety of day jobs, mostly in business middle management. For years during the early morning before she headed to the office, she wrote fiction. Her first book, Cold Call—a mystery about Iris Thorne—a sexy, single L.A. investment counselor in the "greed is good" late 1980s—was sold at auction to Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster and published in 1993. It was followed by four more books in that series.

After Dianne moved to Pasadena, a historic city neighboring L.A., and began volunteering for the Pasadena Police Department, she was inspired to take her writing in a new direction and began writing about Nan Vining—a haunted and driven homicide detective and single mom. The first in the series, The First Cut (2006), was a Los Angeles Times bestseller and hit #1 on Amazon. The series fifth, Killing Secrets, will be out in July 2015.
The Night Visitor, a standalone paranormal mystery, was published in 2014.
Critics around the world have praised Dianne's books, which have been published in 20 countries and translated into six languages: "A gripping page-turner..." (Library Journal); "Expertly plotted... redolent with suspense and action..." (Florida Sun-Sentinel); "A superior piece of storytelling..." (Los Angeles Times); "Relentless suspense..." (Booklist).

Dianne lives in the Central California wine country with her husband where she writes full time and is a pretty good cook, an amateur oenophile, and a terrible golfer.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review! I'm delighted that you enjoyed Killing Secrets and have discovered the Nan Vining series.

    1. Thank you for writing a awesome character.

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