Review: Dusk Conspiracy (Werelove #1) by Lakisha Spletzer

Title: Dusk Conspiracy (Werelove #1)
Author: Lakisha Spletzer
Published: May 2, 2010
Pages: 384
Genre: Sci-fi/paranormal/ YA
Review: Ebook was free and is free at time of posting on Amazon and Barnes and noble.

Seventeen-year-old Laylah Le Croix has a rich father, mansion, and servants. Yet she is lonely and neglected. Her father would rather work than speak to her. At the academy she is bullied and mistreated.
When Weres attempt to kidnap Laylah, she is saved by the mysterious Donil Silentshadow. Donil rouses feelings in Laylah that make her question her life and her father's animosity toward her handsome rescuer. Confused by these emotions, she seeks answers from those closest to her and is rebuffed.
She must make a choice. Obey her father's edicts or follow her heart to learn the truth about her past.

Even though this book is set way into the future I didn't really get that feel of that which for me was good. I don't really enjoy Sci-Fi books too much but this one was really good. Laylah is not your normal seventeen year old girl, but she doesn't know that. Her father is keeping what she is a secret from her. He wants her to be a human. She is bullied at school though I couldn't understand why. Her father Henry seems to have hatred for Laylah and she can not understand it she tries to be the best daughter she can be. But her house is like a prison to her. She has everything she could ever want but the one thing she truly wants and needs she can't seem to have. That is the love from her father. 
We learn why Henry treats his daughter the way he does and it has something to do with the past, because the past has now been brought to the present. Zina someone who is full of jealousy and wants to kill Laylah because she is an abomination. As you read you will learn why. When Laylah of course ends up being kidnapped, other weres that Henry does not like come into help. One being Donil he seems to have bonded to Laylah and all I can say is please don't let Henry find out. 
We see how Laylah slowly and I mean slowly starts sticking up for herself towards the middle end of the book. I was hoping she would as she seems to take too much of what is thrown her way. I totally didn't like her father but of course you can not argue with an Alpha. 
There seems to be a lot of secrets within this book being kept from all those involved in this story and we all know secrets will soon come out. 
I do want to read book two as I want to know more about Laylah and if she will be soon told. Will her father ever love her? What will happen between Donil and her and will they get to continue a relationship? Heck I even want to know what one of the members of the council is up to. 
Pick up this book if you love Weres, it is just not about werewolves you have polar bears, regular bears different animals are through out the story. This story has some sadness to it, but it also has a blossoming love, and action.

This book is also free on Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the time of posting.

Lakisha Spletzer
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