Guess what today is? Well it is the new thing I have been doing #PaperbackFriday.

This is where I finally get to read my paperbacks/hardbacks that have been sitting on my shelf just waiting for me to get to reading. 
I am going to start doing a post on this every Friday if I can remember being as Friday's have become my most busiest days this year. 
This Friday read and it goes through the weekend only reason I call it #PaperbackFriday is because first the hash-tag will get more people to want to look to what is going on. Second because I start the book on a Friday and it may take me until Sunday or maybe I guess I could have called it weekend read but that didn't sound so cool.
So anyway this Friday read is 
Speechless by Hannah Harrington I won this book in a giveaway either last year or the year before so it has been sitting on myself just waiting to be read. Check it out below.



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