Review: Ravens by Kaylie Austen

Title: Ravens
Author: Kaylie Austen
Published: Jan. 24, 2013
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Pages: 260
Genre: Sci-fi/YA
Review: Paperback won in a giveaway

What are Ravens, and are they as the world wants us to believe—sinister and without human qualities? When abruptly taken from their world, select humans are transformed into creatures of the night with penetrating eyes and uncanny abilities that most believe are a threat to mankind. Stripped from their mundane and ordinary lives, these creatures have no choice but to stalk the night and fight back in order to survive.

One such Raven is eighteen-year-old Liam, who uses his telepathy to communicate with Kendra in order to lure her into the transformation. It proves to be a double-edged gambit that turns into a tumultuous journey. Racing against time to save her sister, whom she believed to be dead, Kendra falls through a portal and into a parallel world where humans hunt her. She becomes a Raven with ill-controlled powers, trapped in a torrid affair with Liam, and desperately struggles to find a grip on her new reality.

Contains spoiler

The blurb sounds really good and it makes us intrigued to what Ravens are. It all started back when Kendra, Liam, and Julie are playing in the barn something happened and Liam and Julie just went away. Kendra has tried to come to terms with it all growing up but it has been hard on her especially since she hears a voice in her head and she has Liam come and visit her but for Kendra she believes it all to be non real. Even though it gets steamy at times between them. That is until a portal opens up and Kendra finds herself in another universe. Scary right? You would think that but Kendra holds herself together pretty well. Minus the few temper outbursts. What is a Raven you may ask? Well it is someone who has different eye color and powers, humans in this other world want nothing to do with them while hunters hunt them. Now Kendra has thought her sister has been dead but she learns that in this universe they are in she is just in trouble and it is up to her to save her as she can find her. 
We spend the most part going back and forth with feelings between Liam and Kendra and Kendra and Randy who is so in love with Kendra that he has been waiting on her forever it seems. Through the whole romantic scenes if you want to call them that or crush scenes it was good but I wanted more of the universe. I wanted to know how exactly did the world know that certain people could become Ravens, how was it that Kendra could open up the portal and go back home, who are these hunters and how do they become a hunter?
 I think the author did do a good job with this story but needed more of the world that Kendra was going to. There is some action and a few steamy parts which all come together in a good way. 


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