Review: The Protect Her Box Set: Parts 1-3 , by Ivy Sinclair


Title: Protect Her Parts 1-3
Author: Ivy Sinclair
Published: November 18, 2014
Pages: 202
Genre: paranormal
Review: Ebook/from author and NetGalley

Human. Angel. Demon.

Three species that have coexisted since the beginning of time, although humankind is blissfully unaware of the predators and protectors that walk among them. But there is a new threat emerging that affects them all.

The story begins when an innocent girl is saved from certain death by a man who straddles the worlds of darkness and light. Their relationship holds the key to saving everyone.

Her name has been Paige Matthews for the last three years. Before that, it was Jane Doe. Before that is nothing more than black hole after a mysterious accident wiped her memories away. Her dreams are filled with blurred images of terror. Something was after her and tried to kill her.

Riley Stone doesn’t care about anything but getting the job done and getting paid. There are few people who willingly associate with a Necromancer. Humans don’t even know that the demon world exists, and, on the other side of the veil, the angels and demons in charge consider someone like him a lower life form.

When Riley saves Paige from a demon bounty hunter, both are faced with an uncertain path before them. With no memory of the supernatural world that parallels her own, Paige is vulnerable and alone. Despite Riley’s natural inclination to leave, he knows that unless he helps her Paige will wind up dead.

Now Paige has a guardian who is far from an angel looking after her. Only one thing is certain. The way to save her life is first by finding out who she really is.

What happens to a human caught in the crossfire between angels and demons? Riley Stone wants to make sure that Paige Matthews never finds out.

Thinking that Riley Stone would be glad to be rid of her, Paige agrees to let an old friend help her with her new demon problem. But she soon discovers that her friend isn’t who is he appears to be, and definitely has his own agenda when it comes to her well-being.

Riley’s work on Calamata Island is done. All he needs to do is make sure that Paige is safe and sound, and then he’ll be on his way. But once he finds out that Paige is in much deeper trouble than he ever imagined, he realizes that he can’t leave her quite yet. She needs his help, even if she doesn’t know why.

The secrets surrounding Paige’s past are starting to unravel. It’s up to Riley to make sure that she stays alive long enough to find the answers that will finally reveal her destiny.

Things are heating up for Paige, and not just in the search for her true identity. Though she is keenly aware that Riley is avoiding telling her everything about his past encounters with the demons pursuing her, she finds that her attraction to him overriding her better judgment. With every passing hour, she is more confident that if anyone can keep her safe, it is Riley Stone.

To stay one step ahead of their enemies, Riley reluctantly accepts help from the one man he knows still holds sway over Paige’s emotions. Archangel Benjamin’s claim on her soul is one that cannot be easily broken, but Riley intends to try. But first, he must take her to someone who can finally answer the question that Paige so desperately needs to know. Who was she before she became Paige Matthews?

But Paige soon realizes that she’s been asking the wrong question all along. It was never about who she was before she lost her memories, but if she truly is ready to accept the truth once it is revealed.

The Protect Her serial unfolds over multiple installments of approximately 23,000 words each. Due to strong language and mature situations, this story might not be suitable for younger readers. 

First let me say I received this book via the author only to find it on NetGalley and requested it there and got approved.

This box set is only parts 1-3 and there seems to be another box set or two.
All the parts are novellas so they are not full length novels but they do pack a punch.
My review will be on each part.
Part one Protect Her:
Here we are introduced to the characters Riley and Paige. First comes Riley as he is interrogating a demon on why they are on the island trying to find a girl. Riley has no clue who this girl is because there are no pictures. Riley is a necromancer which I believe for me is the first time to read about one of these in a book. 
When Riley hears a girl scream he comes to her rescue and this girl who we find out is named Paige is the one Riley is looking for. But don't really know that for sure until later on. Paige has no clue about the two words the exist besides the humans and that is because of her amnesia.
Paige doesn't like that she is putting Riley in danger but Riley can handle himself to a certain extend. We learn a bit about Paige and how she has been living on the island for the last three years with her roommate Christopher. Riley is a bit more mysterious as Paige ask him questions but he is vague on his answers.  But he has a past that isn't pretty. I think that is what gives him his bad boy image. 

Part two: We find out who Christopher truly is and I can say I didn't see that coming even though I should have. Christopher's little secret doesn't make Paige trust him as she once did before. We watch as Paige always ends up with Riley even though he is never forth coming on telling her his past or what he does exactly. Christopher has a secret agenda with Paige and we slowly learn a bit about it. He has fallen for Paige but of course she doesn't have the feelings for him as he does for her.
With part two a small bit of information comes to the surface for Paige regarding her amnesia. Will this be the time she gets answers? 
 Part Three: Now that Paige learns that demons are after her. Riley and her have to try to stay one step ahead of them and try to find answers as to why she is wanted. There is something special about her that they want but no one knows why, or at least that is what we think. Riley turns to his mentor for answers and what we find out is that there is something special about Paige. But will she be able to accept the truth of who she is? The feelings that Paige and Riley have seem like it wants to blossom through out the whole story but Paige belongs to someone and we don't really understand why exactly he has marked her. The excuse she is given is it was to keep her safe, be we all know that is a crock of bull. 
Overall I loved the story being told through Riley and Paige's eyes. I enjoyed how we are kept in suspense as to who Paige is and what is wanting her.
As the drama with it all gets intense I just hope that we soon get answers in the other books in this series. 
There is plenty of action pretty much nonstop from the beginning where we meet Riley and learn about Paige. To the twist and turns that keep you wanting to find out what is going to happen next.

Ivy Sinclair
Ivy Sinclair cut her romance teeth on classics like Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, and Sabrina. She is a firm believer in true love, a happily ever after ending, and the medicinal use of chocolate to cure any ailment of the heart. Ivy's guilty pleasures include sushi, endless Starbucks lattes, and wine. Readers of Ivy's stories can expect smoldering sweet stories of romance that tug at the heartstrings.


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