Review: Life Over Love by Cheryl Seagraves


Title: Life Over Love
Author: Cheryl Seagraves
Published: June 1, 2013
Pages: 230
Genre: Romance/ Domestic Abuse
Review: ebook

Brianna Garcia is a young mother whose spirit and fiery temper were so beaten down, she was barely recognizable to her own self. Beaten both by the words and the fists of her first love. The father of her children. She was at her lowest, lost, and ashamed by what she had become. Brianna felt so full of self-loathing that she constantly entertained thoughts of suicide. She devised a plan to take her children and leave her abusive husband on his birthday, as a gift to herself making it a special day neither will soon forget…

This was very emotional story that I felt so bad for Brianna and what she had to go through. But in the end she was made stronger by standing up for herself and learning to live on her own. 
The author has done a great job with pulling you into the life of Brianna and her children and we witness how her relationship became nothing but abuse from her husband, the one she loves and has always wanted to be with forever.  When she has finally had enough she ends up leaving him on his birthday (which I thought was a great idea, it would have been something I would have done). We read as Brianna is still in love with her husband but she takes a stand to be on her own, she walks with two kids in tow to find herself a job on a daily basis. she doesn't ask for hand outs. She learns to be an independent woman with two children.
Then she meets a new guy which to me it felt rushed, and that is probably because there wasn't much of a timeline per se. We watch as she wants to be with this new guy in her life but her ex-husband has scarred her that she is afraid and the question is will that cause her to be alone?

Even though the book seems like it would be sad (which in some parts it is) it is uplifting in a way that at the end there is that light at the end of the tunnel. And Brianna finally has happiness for her and her children. 

Cheryl Seagraves
Cheryl Seagraves is the wife of an EMT with four kids that inspire her daily in her writing. Her debut romance novel "Life Over Love" is available both on Kindle and in print. She wrote the book which deals with the tough subject of domestic violence to inspire women in similar situations, to let them know they can leave behind something harmful and grab hold of a life full of promise. She believes that there is no expiration on one's dreams and is most at home with her loves; reading, painting, enjoying her family, and writing.


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