Review: Sway (Book #1) by Jennifer Gibson

There was something different about Jessie. She struggled to fit in at school, surrounded by a web of lies and deceit...until she met Ethan.

Based on a true story, the novel “Sway” is about a hearing impaired teenager named Jessie who tries her best to blend in at school. Every day proves to be a test of her resolve when she is constantly plagued by the ruthless pranks of her classmates who are determined to make her life miserable. When a handsome stranger arrives in the nick of time, Jessie wonders if he is too good to be true. Is Ethan’s attention genuine, or will he betray her trust, too?

*Does contain SPOILERS*

I have never read a story that has the main character having a hearing impairment, and at times I felt sorry for the way Jessie was being treated by her classmates. But she was strong enough to where she tried her best to hold her own and not let it get to her too much. 
There was really no plot line to the story so if you start reading and wondering oh something magical is going to happen just know it doesn't. 
Sway is more like umm I don't want to say journal because it is not but more along the line of just telling the everyday life of Jessie and what she goes through.
Now it was interesting to see how things went on in Jessie's life and how she overcame it all. 
I thought Jessie doing karate was pretty cool, I learned some new words that are used in karate that I didn't know. The way the author described the whole karate scenes made me want to go out and join up to learn it.

The things I had a problem with and they are nothing major but it is what made me constantly question what was going in the book.
1. There is a scene where Jessie and Ethan are going to play hockey. I don't ever remember hockey being brought up before. I didn't know Jessie played hockey at one point in her life.
2. Jessie gets attacked outside of the dojo. That is just a weird scene overall. I can see why these guys picked on her but to put their hands on her and not have a motive such as and yes I am going to use the word rape, or thievery what was the true point of it. Unless it was to make Ethan come out as the hero who saved her.
3. When Jessie is attacked we see her mother worry over her but where was her father? It is like he doesn't play much of a part in it. 
4. Her relationship with Ethan. I could see how it would evolve into a dating relationship but I didn't feel it like it seemed quick. It was like they meet, they do karate and then Ethan is saying "Eye Love You". 
I did buy the other books in this series as I would like to read more to see what else goes on in Jessie's life. And they are also on sale at the time of this review. Hopefully book two is going to have more of a plot than this one. 

Jennifer   Gibson
Jennifer is an award winning photographer, freelance Illustrator, graphic designer and published author.
Her photography & graphic design has been featured extensively in many media formats including CHEX TV, National Geographic, SNAP magazine and Watershed Magazine as well as various local tourism/promotional materials. Jennifer's current line of work features professionally designed book covers for authors from around the world.

Jennifer was selected as one of 12 winners for the prestigious 2010 Oticon Focus on People Award and the only Canadian to have won in this national competition (North America). She was nominated as an outstanding individual with a hearing loss and for the portrayal of a hearing impaired teen in her young adult novel entitled Sway.
The HearStrong Foundation has named Jennifer Gibson a HearStrong Champion! Jennifer's dedication to helping change the stigmas surrounding hearing loss makes her pretty amazing


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