Review: Vampire: The Richard Chase Murders by Kevin M. Sullivan

By the time Richard Trenton Chase graduated high school, everyone knew he was strange. But no one had any idea how bizarre he'd become, or what dark impulses were flowing through his troubled brain. The transformation from the outwardly strange young man to the diabolical killer he ultimately became, was gradual and would not become known until it was too late. First it was the killing of small animals and birds, and the drinking of their blood. However, when these sacrifices failed to satiate his needs, Richard Chase would seek out the highest form of life, and the city of Sacramento, California would react in horror to the hideous murders and mutilations committed by his hands. For those living in the quiet neighborhoods where the murders occurred, it was nothing less than a time of terror until the fiend was captured.
Vampire: The Richard Chase Murders (with 23 photos), is an in-depth look into the life and disturbed mind of a killer, his family, and his many victims, the living as well as the dead. Within these pages you'll discover what it was like for the police, and what a difficult job they had finding a killer they knew wouldn't stop until he was apprehended. It was a race against time, in a series of murders that would stun even the most hardened investigators. It is the story of a city under siege, held captive by the man whose appetite for blood could not be satiated.

I received this book to give an honest review.

Whoa is all I can literally say about this. This is a crazy true story on a man named Richard Chase. He literally killed a few people and drank their blood on top of that started eating them. Like who in their right mind would do that? Someone crazy is all I have to say. 

Richard would seem to be just a normal person normally. But if you looked into his life you knew something was wrong. When someone is paranoid, staying up all hours of the night, knocking holes in the wall something is wrong. If it is not drugs then it is something mental. This story is filled with information on how it all seemed to start, the background of Richard, how detectives were able to capture him before he could go on and kill more people. It also shows us how mental illness was described by doctors in this case. I honestly think that he had a mental illness now what it is I don't know exactly. 

There are pictures within the book so you really get a feel as to where things took place and what things looked like back in the day. It is crazy weird. If you like true crime stories then I say get this one. Even though it is gory when told just imagine what those that put him behind bars saw and think. The author did good on his research and knew just how to write it all to where it sounds good when told.


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