Review: Strigoi: The Blood Bond by Ron D. Voigts

On the verge of suicide after his wife leaves him, Alex Regal learns he has inherited property located in a small town deep within the mountains. Putting things on hold, he heads to Glade, hoping for something positive in his life. Getting there is easy but leaving proves to be impossible. A spell exists, keeping everyone captive in this hidden place.

The town of Glade is run by a Shapeshifter called the Strigoi. The creature needs to drink human blood to survive. Taking the form of a man or an animal, folklore about the Strigoi became the basis of stories about vampires or werewolves. Now Alex must discover a dark secret before he becomes the vampire's next meal.

I received this book to give an honest review.

This was a different kind of vampire read. You have a town that is hidden away from the world, and it is not one you would find unless you have been invited. 
In comes Alex Regal, he plans on ending his life until he gets a visit from a stranger. He learns that he has acquired a home in a small town called Glade. But not all is what it seems, and soon Alex learns this. His car breaks down, he has no cell service and if he tries to leave town he has been warned that he could get hurt by what is in the forest.
Now just to clarify things a Strigoi can change their shape so they are not just a vampire but a shape shifter as well. 
All the characters in the book as we learn later on come from different era's of time which I thought was pretty cool. What I also thought was cool was the town. It was a very small community of just random people brought together. 
Now as I did enjoy the story plot of how everything came together especially the way the town was hidden from the general public. 
The only thing I didn't enjoy was that it seemed Alex and Maggie who comes into the story a bit later on. Never truly tried to escape. Yes they talked to other people about leaving and were worn but they never truly tried to set foot. Now yes Alex did go and "explore" but I wanted more of an escape plan going on. Now there is not a lot of action that goes on within the book so if you are not wanting a lot of action then I suggest you pick this book up. 

Ron D. Voigts
Writer, dreamer and ice cream connoisseur. My latest book STRIGOI: THE BLOOD BOND is now out on Kindle.


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