Review: Hit & Run (Delilah West #3) by Maxine O'Callaghan

When Delilah West, Orange County private investigator, is grazed by a car that also hits an old man, Joseph Collins, and leaves him for dead, she counts it just another incident in the run of bad luck that has plagued her personally and professionally ever since her husband, her partnet-in-crime-solving, was killed. Delilah, moonlighting as a waitress, badly needs a case, but when the hit-and-run driver's mother asks Delilah to prove her son innocent, Delilah is aghast. Until, that is, she begins to remember details about the "accident" that add up not to recklessness but to murder.

I received this book to give an honest review.

This author is new to me and when I saw this book was up for review I knew I wanted to give it a try. Anything to do with P.I.'s and investigations and a bit of humor that just pulls me into the story.
Now when I saw this book I did not realize that this is book three in this series, so I was glad that I was not missing much by reading number three instead of starting with the first one. Now after reading Hit and Run I want to read the other two in this series to get more of Delilah and her dilemmas.
In Hit and Run, we read about Delilah and how she is broke and living in her office. She doesn;t have many jobs coming in that is until after she makes the newspapers by witnessing a hit and run. Or at least that is what is believed until the mother of the person who committed this crime ask Delilah to start looking into it.
Now we all know what happens with P.I.'s who look into things. There is always going to be trouble lurking around the corner and that means Delilah has to be weary about those around her.
As Delilah starts investigating the murder of the hit and run victim someone who she has met before comes back into her life. It all comes full circle you would say. Don't let the innocent of someone fool you. She also starts getting a lot of job offers but the questions is will she find out who did the crime and will she take the big job that has been offered to her from some gentleman named Erik? 
I love books like these, there is just something about them that makes me not want to put them down. If you want a female P.I., mystery, and of course drama then I highly suggest you look into this series. 

Maxine O'Callaghan
Received the Shamus Award, "The Eye" (Lifetime achievment award) in 1999.
Aka Marissa Owens


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