Review: Without Shadows (Soulless #2) by Olivia Owens

As new feelings for one of his own cloud his thoughts, Nicolas Rider tries to distract himself by diving too deep into the human world but manages instead to attract the attention of the local pack of werewolves. When his actions put his friends in danger, the vampire in him emerges and he is forced to paint the snow in crimson to protect the ones he loves, unknowing that the secrets they keep will change everything.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I like Nicolas even in the first book and in this one he seems to be so much better.
I like his humor with Luther. It is like them two can not stand to be together except during the trouble times. 
We get to see more of the sensitive side of him. He still works in the hospital, and this is where he meets a young child. And just by working his charms he has made a friend, he worries about her and his worry and care for her is what his "family" is afraid of. 
Nicolas is a player through and through. He is wanting to be with Kate but it is forbidden, and then he dives into the werewolf family which he should be careful of. Because there is a thin line between the werewolves and vampires. 

 Nicolas seems to be more in tune with his human side even though he still is a vampire you can see that he struggles with it. Secrets come to light in this story which will either break the family apart or keep them together and the ending has me wondering if we will see a book three.

There are sex scenes within the story so reader beware, along with talks of drugs. Which I didn't know vampires could get high! There must be a reason behind it and so I hope we get answers.

If you are looking for a paranormal, vampires and werewolves. This is a book to read. It is enjoyable and you can't help but either to like or dislike the characters.

Olivia Owens
The freelance writer, Olivia Owens wears many hats with her two degrees and a full time mother gig. Sometimes, she is even brave and wears an actual hat but not often. Sarcastic and witty, she isn’t afraid to make others laugh, even at her fake British accent. Her competitive nature drives her to make every book her best but she still realizes that nobody is perfect… that’s why there is spell check. Ohio has always been her home but she knows that she does not have to go far to see the world. She just opens a book.


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