Review: Viktor's Wicked Revenge by Tiffany Stevens

Sloane has casted Viktor straight back to Hell, but Viktor isn’t wasting his time, he has been busy planning to take back what he believes to be his, Sloane! Viktor blinded by greed and fueled by the lust for power; he teams up with a Dark witch, Beth who has her own agenda for Sloane. Viktor not realizing Beth has her own agenda, he allows her to lead the plan to get Sloane to choose the Darkness over the Light fulfilling the prophecy. While Viktor is searching for the exiled angel Azazel, Beth is planning to steal Sloane’s powers for herself to become the Daughter of Darkness. When events take a turn for the worse it leaves Beth dumbfounded and Viktor grief stricken.

I received this book to give an honest review.

If you read book two Wicked Bound then pretty much this story is told but in Sloane's and Declan's point of view. 
With Viktor's Wicked Revenge this is told through Viktor's P.O.V. and it is just as good. I don't like Viktor at all but with this his story I actually started to feel bad for Viktor. I understood he wanted Sloane just for her powers. Because two bad-ass people who are filled with darkness can create a whole lotta  evil in the world. 
But we all know that Sloane is destined for the light within her especially since she has Declan with her to help guide her to the light. 
With Viktor knowing that he can't have Sloane fully he results to getting help from Beth who we learn about in Wicked Bound. Viktor ends up it seems truly having feelings for Sloane when the unthinkable happens you can kind of feel his heartbreak. Now we just have to wait to see what else is going to happen with all these characters.

I have to say I enjoy how the author is able to write these stories and give you insight on the main characters that play a big part. She has done a great job with bringing everything together. 

Tiffany Stevens
What About Tiffany? Well I love to read and write. I love the fact I meet new and fabulous people on the internet. Bloggers, readers and especially the writers have been very welcoming and helpful. I can't wait to bring more stories to life.


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