Review: Escape the Night by Richard North Patterson

"Intricate . . . Intelligent and menacing." The Boston Globe
By the bestselling author of "Degree of Guilt," an inescapable tale of suspense, scandal, and shock too terrifying to put aside as it draws you into its vortex of unforgettable characters and shattering events.
Peter Carey is the son of privilege -- and an heir to terror. Poised on the brink of power over a mighty family dynasty, he is also the victim of a recurring nightmare that suddenly becomes all too real. The twisted force that had claimed his parents many years before now stalks him too. But the key to his survival lies locked deep in Peter's own mind. And he must discover it before the final night closes in. . .

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

When I first started this book I was kind of wondering where it was exactly going, but as the story progressed I was finding myself wondering would Peter ever recovery from the death of his parents.

Peter had a semi happy childhood, until he was about five or six I can not truly remember his age that is when he loses his parents in the most tragic way. Then we read on to where he has grown up and now owns a majority of the company his grandfather owned. Not only that Peter seems to be missing part of his memory of when he lost his parents and because of that he has nightmares.  This is when the story really starts taking off. We read on how Peter tries to go on with his normal life of running a business and being in a relationship but little does he know one who is close to him has secrets of his own. Now there is a shady character who has always had it out for the Carey's and what he did in the past carries on to the present. Everything comes together in the end and I did find myself coming to enjoy the book more than I expected to especially after the rocky first part for me. There is a lot of different things going on in the book especially descriptions and what not. If you can look past that then this may be a book you enjoy. There is a bit of thriller, suspense, murder.

There is some graphic sex scenes nothing too bad but just a heads up.

Richard North Patterson is the author of fourteen previous bestselling and critically acclaimed novels. Formerly a trial lawyer, Patterson served as the SEC’s liaison to the Watergate special prosecutor and has served on the boards of several Washington advocacy groups dealing with gun violence, political reform, and women’s rights. He lives in San Francisco and on Martha’s Vineyard. Author Profile
Edgar Award, 1980, Best First Novel for The Lasko Tangent
Grand Prix de Littérature Policière, International Award, 1995 for Degree of Guilt


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