Review: Erin the Fire Goddess: Changes (Erin the Fire Goddess #4) by Lavinia Urban

Could a simple 'I love you' really break a spell?
Dr Hammersmith is angry and Erin and Sean have to try and escape.
Can Erin deal with the Betrayal and Torment Sean put her through?
Kate thinks she sees Helen and is confused. She thought she'd killed her years ago.
Now Kate knows she's innocent. Will Charlotte believe her? Will she be able to prove it?
Is Sean really back to normal? Is he truly completely free from the spell that bound him or has he changed?
Jo is convinced she has found someone with a new power but can she convince his mother?
Everything is changing fast. Can Erin and her friends cope?

I received this book to give an honest review.

The title of the book pretty much says it all. Changes. There are some changes that happen within this story and the ending, oh my goodness it is a cliffhanger.
As you know Sean was under the spell of Louise, and Dr. Hammersmith or Derek as he is mostly referred to in this story doesn't believe Sean to be free. So of course he doesn't want Erin to leave with Sean but we should all know that isn't going to happen which makes Derek furious, and I honestly didn't even think of the powers that Derek has. Kind of scary.
Erin and Sean have their relationship to work on especially because Erin can not get over the fact that Sean and Louise kissed. Sean is determined to fight to keep Erin. 
Now Sean has changed and it scares those around him. 
The past comes back to Erin's parents and they will get the answers that have haunted Erin's mother for years. 
Powers are evolving, relationships will be tested, Erin has more on her shoulders than before, and a loss will happen but to whom? 

The author has done a wonderful job with bringing the past to meet the future, some of my questions were answered on who exactly Dr. Hammersmith is. You can feel the emotion rolling off the characters, and the mystery surrounding what exactly is going on, to call in the mermaids. It all went together perfectly.
Can't wait to read book 5 to find out if we are going to get the answer to the cliffhanger.

Lavinia Urban
Lavinia originally grew up in Cheshire and now lives in a small village just outside of Edinburgh with her husband and two daughters.
Writing has always been something that Lavinia have loved since an early age but it wasn't until 2010 when the idea came to her to write Erin the Fire Goddess.
Lavinia chose to name the main character and her sister after her two daughters, who inspire Lavinia to write every day.


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