Review: Ascendancy Rising by: Brian Bigelow

21845541A demon will be born in human form as had been long foretold. He will become a future leader, a ruler of the world after he grows up. Many will die and blood will flow as the story unfolds.

Open the pages and meet evil incarnate in Ascendancy Rising.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I have always like this author's sense of story telling and I was glad to be offered the chance to read this book. 
But the blurb says many will die and blood with flow as the story unfolds. For me there wasn't as much blood as I was expecting from someone who is a demon and will kind of rule the world. I would have expected more blood shed.

The book started off really good, you have this woman named Madeline who lives out in the swamp of Louisiana and you know how stories that take place there goes. Well she wakes up from a nightmare where she is raped by some type of spirits and soon after becomes pregnant. Oh lawd what is going on is the question. Soon after birth that is where anyone who comes into contact with the baby ends up dying. But the deaths all seem like accidents how convenient right? Not only do we follow this human/demon we also follow his nanny and her lover. 

With Ascendancy Rising we follow the birth of demon and the coven who wants to keep him safe until the very end where he plans on taking over the world and that is where it stops. It seems that there is an angel involved or at least that was towards the end but there wasn't enough information to truly understand fully.  

I did enjoy the author's use of words I never heard before. I actually enjoyed looking up quite a few words to understand their meaning as I have never heard of them before. It kind of broaden my horizon to new words.

The problem I had with this book and it went from a 4 to a 3 rating is the fact that there was a lot of grammar mistakes that I know this author normally is good at catching. Not sure if it was the copy I received or what. But here is just two examples set out of a handful. 

1. "In some places it had been patched by flattened out coffee cans that he been flattened out that had been nailed down."

2. "While she waited Madeline to actually give birth she mused over what she'd heard her say."

That was in the first 5% of the book. And after a handful more the rating just had to be dropped down.

Brian Bigelow
Kindle best selling author Brian Bigelow is originally from Minnesota and currently lives in Colorado with his wife, a cat and a very protective Chihuahua that risks life and limb to save his "family" from running leaves, fire hydrants and the like. Mr. Bigelow's writing style will put you at ease, and you'll never feel intimidated. He brings a wealth of life experience to the pages of his books to help others combat situations he's lived through in the past.


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