Review: Declan's Wicked Temptation by Tiffany Stevens

Author Tiffany Stevens and Publishing Company Bayou Brew Publishing presents to you "Declan's Wicked Temptation"
Caught between love and honor, Declan has a decision to make. Sent from the Heavens to prevent a war from happening, Declan’s mission is to find the prophecy child and ensure he/she doesn’t fulfill their destiny.

Working on a farm in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Declan works his way not only through the land but finds his way into the heart of a small town girl. Not just any small town girl, but what could only be described as the land owner’s niece. No matter how hard he tried to avoid her and deny what he felt as they touch, Declan finally allowed himself to feel what he never knew…Love.

Still hunting for the prophecy child, Declan finds that he is not the only supernatural creature there with the same agenda. The Darkness has sent their own minions to look as well. Time is of the essence and Declan can no longer put off the most important decision of his existence. Does he choose love and take the fall or does choose his honor instead?

I received this book to give an honest review.

This a fast pace story that is the prequel of Wicked Destiny. Now if you read Wicked Destiny than you have to remember who Sloane is. And you know how she was very upset once Declan came into her life. 
This is the story of how it all happened via Declan's eyes. This is his story. How he has a mission and how love for a human girl can change everything for him.

I still like Declan. He has never given up on Sloane and you can tell just by reading his story the love that is there. He has a decision to make but who does it hurt in the end?
The characters were written to where you fall in love with them. The story line went together perfectly. 
I plan on reading more by this author as I want to see where else this story is going to go. 

Tiffany Stevens
What About Tiffany? Well I love to read and write. I love the fact I meet new and fabulous people on the internet. Bloggers, readers and especially the writers have been very welcoming and helpful. I can't wait to bring more stories to life.


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