Review: Sweeter than Candy by Emrys Lawson

Romance writer Julia Cole is a woman who’s unable to trust. Business owner, Alexandre De La Fontaine, is a man who’s not looking for love. A sensual, passionate weekend in a club, far richer and Sweeter than Candy, erupts in the bustling city of New York. 
Meek and mild-mannered Julia Cole is working on her third novel under the pseudonym Rita Wright. Her literary agent arranges a three day trip, over a weekend, for the young writer to conduct research at a club. Not just any club, a BDSM club. Arriving early, Julia encounters shirtless business owner, Alexandre, who exudes power and sex appeal from every orifice of his chiseled and sculpted frame. 
Security specialist, Mike Mathis proves that three is not always a crowd when he steps into a ménage with friend, Alexandre De La Fontaine and Julia Cole. Both men vow to protect the romance writer when an obsessed fan discovers where she is staying. 
Haunted by violent and torrid memories, Julia must decide if the sexy French club owner is worthy of her trust and heart, or if he’s every bit as terrifying as the monster stalking her like prey. 

I received this book to give an honest review.
 This felt very fast-pace for me. I like to be introduced to the BDSM lifestyle slowly being as I am a vanilla when it comes to reading it. We meet Julia an author who needs some research with the BDSM lifestyle for her next novel I think that is pretty awesome, because to write you gotta know how it goes so you can get the facts right. But Julia's first experience with the lifestyle freaked her out as she wasn't expecting it. With the help of sexy Alexandre he wants to show her that with the lifestyle you can receive pleasure the scenes are hot and steamy with a touch of class. Now this story takes place over a few days so that to me makes it seemed rushed. There was no relationship building it was like a whole let's be together type thing. 
Now I like Alexandre as a strong character but the more I read about him the more he just bothered me. He seemed too controlling for my likes. Now the cover shows a threesome, let me say that there is one scene but it is pretty much over before anything truly happens so to me the cover is misleading. 
Now while Julia is learning from Alexandre she also has a stalker and that leads to a bit of action within the story but nothing that is too much. 
Overall this was okay not really what I expected as a read. I wanted more of a relationship growing between the two main characters.


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