Review: Stalk Me by Richard Parker

Beth and her husband are involved in a terrible car crash. With her husband lying terribly injured beside her, Beth watches a set of feet emerge from behind the car they crashed into and walk over to where she is sprawled. One of the feet kicks her in the jaw and she blacks out.
When she wakes, she is still at the crash site but on a stretcher. Her husband is on a stretcher beside her and, despite his injuries, is trying to tell her something. A large crowd has gathered and a number of people are recording the event with their phones. She goes ballistic and attacks them.

When she comes round in hospital, she is informed that her husband died of his injuries. Worse still, the most traumatic event of her life has become a YouTube sensation with footage of her attack on the onlookers being viewed all over the world.
Beth learns that the man driving the car in front vanished from the scene. The car was registered under a false name. She must contact every person she attacked who recorded the event and ask for their help.
But somebody is murdering the people who used their hand held devices and is removing their recordings. Beth must try to reach them before the digital fragments of the event disappear altogether.
As Beth moves closer to the truth. she realizes the crash conceals a secret someone will do anything to conceal.

I received this ARC to give an honest review.
This was one of those books that I found myself turning the pages and keeping my nose deep into the book. Beth and her husband Luc are on their way to dinner when the unthinkable happens. They wreck, but what happens next is a whole series of events that spiral and Beth is caught in the cross hairs. Beth is trying to piece together what has exactly happened at the wreck but it seems everything that has been recorded, is being erased. Beth being a strong character starts figuring out what is going on but is it too late for her?

Now I literally kept wondering who is doing this? What is their business with Beth? What shady dealings did Beth's husband Luc venture into? For me there was a HUGE surprise towards the end that had me going oh wow totally didn't see that part coming. 
We meat minor characters but this book mostly focuses on Beth and quest to find answers, along with a mysterious character we learn just a little about through out the story.

The plot is a constant movement there is no dull points within the story. There seems to be action on almost every page once Beth starts searching for answers.
I love how the author uses how people are today when they see something going on. Whether it is good or bad, people seem to always want to record something and post it up on YouTube. The author was able to write it into the story to where you can for sure connect with something like that. Makes you think about what is or has been recorded and put up on the internet. 

I like this author's writing style and hope to read more books like this in the future. 


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