Review: Secrets Room by Kim Faulks

What would you do if you woke in a room filled with strangers, with no memory of how you got there, and no way out?

Morgan Drimmel wakes to find herself in the midst of that nightmare. The gouged, blood-splattered walls scream of terror and torture, and the unrelenting light that shines between the cracks in the walls fills her with dread. When the others in the room wake, they form alliances, and Morgan finds herself drawn to rogue biker Slade Rivers. But dependence, for her, has always come with a deadly price.

Those inside the room have secrets too; dark secrets they will go to any length to keep from getting out. When evil rears its ugly head, Morgan will not only have to fight to survive—she will also have to trust.

I received this book to give an honest review.
I literally sat here and debated on either giving this book a solid 3.5 rating or just bump it up to a 4. I enjoyed the story but I didn't like being confused while reading. Towards the end is where I finally understood the Secrets Room and boy was it scary. 
This is mainly told through Morgan and Slade we didn't get much of the other characters such as Dee, Carmen,  Jeremy and so forth. 
Waking up in a room full of strangers just sounds horrifying, especially when you don't know why you are there in the first place. Now as the build up of the story was being told I did find myself going ummm what exactly is going on with everyone who are these people and why are there all together. And I got to enjoy watching the story unfold and read what sins almost each person has committed. Each sin was a bit sad and gruesome in its own way. I think the one that got to me was Rachel's sin, it was one that broke my heart a bit.
We start with them all in a room and we see how humans act when there is no way out, it is truly terrifying. Not only that we see what sins they have committed that seems to play back on them in a nightmare type dream. But it is hard to distinguish what is real and what is a dream. The Secrets Room is where your secrets come to life!
Kim has a way of keeping you on the edge of your seat and guessing towards the very end if these people will ever see the daylight again or do they have to live in hell for the sins? 

Kim Faulks
I have been an avid reader for longer than I can remember, desiring the darker, edgier works of Bram Stoker, Stephen King, Dean Koontz. I first started writing in High School giving that away when my first attempt was nothing more than dribble. I wish now that I kept at it, pursued it with a hunger that I currently possess.

Writing is my passion, it is what fuels the fires inside of me and it is an all-or-nothing furnace that keeps me up at all hours.

I am married to a wonderful supportive husband, I have 2 wonderful kids and the best friends that I have waited some 35 odd years to meet.


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