Review: Sirens Spell Danger C. Suresh

There are sirens and, then, there are sirens. Some warn you of danger and some lure you into danger...Lured by a sexy siren, Vicky is mistaken for a secret agent, kidnapped, tortured and slated for death. Will he survive and save Bangalore from going up in flames?...There is a serial killer loose in the city leaving mysterious messages around the bodies of the victims. Are the messages a challenge to the police or a siren call to lure another victim...Jay is sent to Bellary to investigate a possible ISI plot. Was it merely a murky political plot or was there something more sinister in the offing? And why were two women suddenly singing siren songs of love?...Three tales of nerve-racking suspense and pulse-pounding action.

There are three short novellas written by three different authors. Each taking place over seas, each deal with murder, betrayal  and one deals with the supernatural. 

Out of the three stories I read I have to say story 2 "Bella Dona" was my favorite of them all. The first story "Femme Fatale"  I was a bit lost as to what exactly was going on. But towards the end I totally got it. You have a young police officer who gets caught into an illegal ring of explosions. The Second Story "Bella Dona" was well played until the very end as I thought the method of killing was pretty darn cool along with who the killer was. Never thought it would be that one person.You have a killer going after people that is connected to 'em some how. Which you get the how and why later on. Story three "Bellary" I was just not as into it as I really hoped to be. It does deal with the supernatural so it is totally different than the other two stories. You have an agent trying to figure out where the missing agents before him went to but will his life be at stake as well? 

Three different thrillers that deal with men who are lured into trouble by women. 


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