Review: A Sinister Obsession by S. B. Redstone

A couple is brutally murdered in Pittsburgh. Months later, several murders strike Baltimore County. Undoubtedly, these seemingly unrelated killings would have become a cold case if Detective Sergeant Aubrey McKensie of the Maryland State Police had not been assigned the case as she solves unsolvable crimes, not only by her intuitive talents, but by a paranormal ability that has been invaluable in her police work, but a disaster to her social life. Susan Gardner is a clinical psychologist and Sherman Langston is a businessman with political aspirations of becoming president. Both have lovely families and are respected in their fields. They have not seen each other since graduating high school and neither would have any reason to be suspicious of a stranger entering their lives through murder and deception. During Aubrey’s investigation, fate links her up with Detective Joshua Greenberg from Pittsburgh whom she is highly attracted to. A heartfelt romance develops while these two masterful detectives pursue an oddly behaving killer with a secret past and an equally secretive future. Then, an unexpected turn of events occurs; a grotesque and murderous scheme is launched that Aubrey and Josh are desperate to end without further innocent lives being destroyed.

I received this book to give an honest review.
After reading the blurb I just knew this book was the book for me. I love anything to do with cops, murders, suspense, mysteries I mean the list could go on. With A Sinister Obsession we follow Detective Sergeant Aubrey who literally wants to find this killer who has decided to take it upon herself to right the wrongs of the past. 
This is where literally a crazy person has determined that the past will come back and haunt you. 
I like my female cops to be strong, very in your face I am not backing down, can hold their own, doesn't care about the consequences of their actions. And Aubrey was like that for me, that was until she met another Detective. Detective Joshua becomes involved with the case and Aubrey and Joshua have feelings for each other. But before they can fully explore how they truly feel there is a killer to catch before more people die. Now Aubrey doesn't let people in because she has a gift, and everyone already labels her as a witch. And no this is far from the witchy paranormal stuff. 

For me when Aubrey met Joshua she seemed to change a bit in her personality. I understood that Joshua was breaking down the walls that Aubrey had up. But for me she seemed to be stuck on how he felt about her that sort of thing and feeling bad that he was mad at her. 
For example, there was a scene within the story where Aubrey wanted answers as to find this person who was killing. She wasn't getting answers and knowing she could hold her own she was baiting the guys to do something. When she showed off her skills, Joshua got all upset over it. Like WHAT? I mean really? She just showed the guy that she was getting answers. Do I believe in police brutality no! But she was going to need to catch this killer and they weren't giving up anything.

Now if you are not into the gory type murder mysteries than beware. There is some gory parts with the murders that occur and it is not for the faint of heart. But it did well within the story. The author did a great job with the police procedures of how things were moving along. 
I would for sure want more mysteries solved by Detective Aubrey if she could still be herself.  

S. B. Redstone
I began writing short stories in the sci/fi, thriller, horror, and humor genres, which were published on the web and print. Coming out on August 31, 2013 will be my premier novel, A SINISTER OBSESSION, published by Black Opal Books. It will be available in ebook and print formats. It is a mystery thriller with a fabulous paranormal female detective. Visit my website for more detailed information.
As a school psychologist and therapist, I (Steven B. Rosenstein, LCSW, MS) wrote a psychology book for the public concerning human nature and relationships, TAMING YOUR INNER & OUTER BULLIES: CONFRONTING LIFE'S STRESSORS AND WINNING. It was published by New Horizon Press Books. for more detailed information.

I reside with my lovely wife in New York.


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