Review: Bloodeye by Craig Saunders

Keane Reid is tired of living. He's bored with his very existence following the suspicious death of his wife seven years earlier. He's not interested in TV, reading, dating or a social life.
But when he is called on a routine plumbing job at a local pub, he discovers the corpse of a young girl crucified and nailed to a wall, her eyes torn out and a third eye carved into her forehead. Keane has seen this mark before, and soon his life is thrust between the present and past, reality and fantasy, darkness and light.
As Keane loses his grip on sanity, a long-forgotten shadow begins whispering to him once again, ushering him toward the void, where the ghosts of his past reside, waiting to show him what truly lies behind the veil.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

Umm this is one of those books for me that when I read the blurb and saw the cover I was really like okay this is going to be a good book to read. I will have the shivers reading it. But that was not the case with this book. I found myself just reading it to finish it, even though it was short. I was captivated by the whole third eye and the body hanging in the bathroom. And the humor of poop that Keane had to deal with the first couple of pages in, but after that I sort of lost interest. 
We follow Keane and watch how his past is connected to the present. We see how he spirals downward only to come back to living and fight off the shadow that has caused all of this.

I wanted more within the story, more murders. Answers to questions about the sanity I had of Keane. 

Thriller? yes,  I would say slightly. Horror? not so much. 

I would read more by this author as he seems to have a dark writing style.


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