Review: The Blackhouse (Lewis Trilogy #1) by Peter May

When a brutal murder on the Isle of Lewis bears the hallmarks of a similar slaying in Edinburgh, police detective Fin Macleod is dispatched north to investigate. But since he himself was raised on Lewis, the investigation also represents a journey home and into his past.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

This rating is a 3.5. It took me forever to truly get into the story line. I felt there was too much going back and forth between the past and the present. I do get that what happened in the past is what solves what happens in the present and I think that was good. But I just felt as though it was a bit too much for me.  When I read the blurb you know I figured okay Fin who is a cop will be trying to figure out this brutal murder, but it seemed more he was visiting with the locals and rehashing his childhood past more than anything. I guess in a way I felt as though the murder was more of a sideline plot than towards the actually plot if that makes any type of sense.

I did love the setting in where this was taking place. It takes place on a island in Scotland which to me makes a perfect setting for murders to occur as it seems a bit dark and mysterious and even the locals are not very friendly and like to keep to themselves.  

I do enjoy a good murder mystery but I more enjoy actual investigating  into the who dun it. The ending for me was a OH WOW total plot twist. 
When Fin goes back home to investigate, his past comes to light. And part of that past of his, there is a bit revelation that I never once even thought was coming into play. 

The character development was great. You get a feel of the different characters and their personalities, which makes the reading a bit better. 

Would I give this author's books a read I believe I will. As I have found out that normally other books in the series are sometimes a lot better than the first one. 


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