Review: Aeonian Kiss (Revenants in Purgatory #2) by Nicki Scalise

What happens to the dead when they die? Do they go to Heaven or Hell... or maybe on a luxury cruise?
It wasn’t a question Olivia Brennan ever thought to ask. After all, once you've been to Hell and back, how much worse can things get? Her harrowing descent has already cost her everything—her home, her career, the man she loves. But when an enemy resurfaces looking to settle a score, she learns there’s more to lose than she ever imagined.
Purgatory harbors more secrets than the depths of Hell, and Olivia has landed smack dab in the middle of their tangled web. Faced with an impossible choice, she must reach into the darkest parts of her soul for the strength she needs to save everyone she loves. But even if she succeeds, will she ever be the same again?
Maybe some questions are better left unanswered. If there’s one thing experience has taught her, it’s that the universe loves to kick her ass.

I received this book to give an honest review.
If I could give this book more than a 5 wine glass rating I totally would. It is filled with action, humor and so much more. I started this book yesterday and stayed up as late as possible to finish it. Didn't work out that way as I finished it just this morning. I was that hooked into it.
If you have not read book one I highly suggest you read it before this one. As you will understand the characters more and the story line.

Now it has been a year since Olivia and Drake have seen each other she has made it out of Hell. But at what cost? You can see a huge change in Olivia from the Olivia we met in book one. And that isn't necessary a bad thing in a way. Her friends have still stuck by her through everything, but will they still be standing by her when evil comes back for her? Olivia has not told her friends of course what she literally went through while she was gone, and you have to wonder are they going to find out? Because where she was, she was the one that got away! And that has made her someone's target. 
My favorite character is still Zane, he is enough to make your heart swoon but at the same time his humor has you in giggles. 

We get introduced to a new character in the book named Simon. Now I wondered what role Simon plays within Olivia's life and lets just say you will find out in this book. I am not sure if I should like him or hate him. I am torn. 
 There was a quote by Simon made to Olivia that literally had me laughing. 
This exchange is between Simon and Olivia. 
"Oh my god, I feel like such an idiot."
He tugged on my sleeve. "Hey now, don't do that! It's not your fault your vajayjay does nothing for me."
I can just imagine the look on Olivia's face after being told that.

I can not wait to get my hands on book three because I am sure it is going to be just as dark, action packed, humor filled just like this one. If you need a book that is all those things and makes you want to stay up to finish a book then you need to give not only this book a read but the first one a read as well! 

Aeonian Kiss is expected to be published the 26th of July. When it is I will have the buy links up. But for now add the book to your Goodreads list. :) 

Nicki Scalise
Nicki Scalise is a self-published author with an affinity for the weird. She lives in the foothills of northern Colorado with her husband, four dogs, and a chinchilla. With so many critters running wild, the house is generally in varied states of chaos. If ever the creatures give her a break, she spends her free time imagining new worlds, rewatching Firefly, or counting down the days until the next Comic Con. Most days she can be found sitting idly at her desk, staring at the wall. Scalise is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy author. Her writing credits include the Revenants in Purgatory series and numerous published short stories.


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