Review: My Life Untold by S.S. Gee Buro

“I do not pen this memoir as a confession or justification of my sins. It is neither to convince you, nor myself, that the life I lived held meaning and was fulfilling. I had been content to let the story I now write die with me and all knowledge of it remain untold...” The house of Stone Croft lies at the doorstep of the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. When the man Magda Kline loves joins the 11th Pennsylvania, she soon learns that the innocence of her heart cannot survive in the war ravaged land.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I love how this author was able to get me into the story so quickly and keep me turning the pages to find out how this story would end. I should let you know that this story is told in a letter from Magda. Which I didn't really get until the ending and was like oh wow! It felt so real in a way. 

We follow the life of Magda from the beginning of how her and her family came to the States to where she falls in love and what she does to get her one true love back during the Civil War.  She literally goes through hell and back to find him. I don't think I could have done what she did. 
Magda is a shy person who has been homeschooled her entire life, that is until she moves and has to go to school with others. There she meets a boy who just can not leave her alone. 

Instead of the boy from school to fall in love with. She finds true love when Lars is hired to help on her father's farm. But when Lars is off in the War, Magda is being courted by another guy. Whom she doesn't truly care for but he can't possibly seem to take a hint. Her heart belongs to Lars and she knows that he is alive. I love how books add that romance into the the historical story being told it makes it sweet. 

I enjoyed the scenery of Stone Craft I could imagine it in my  head and I would love to have a place like that, especially where there is cemetery near by. I know sounds weird, but the way it was written in the story it seems like it would be a calm place.
I think the author did a great job with the way the war was portrayed, and how we could feel what Magda was feeling.  A great story. 


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