Review: Starving Blades (Otherworldly Prophecies, #1) by Natasha Ann Wetzel

17673445Intoxicated, depressed, cynical and alone. Sounds like an ending rather than a beginning and Angelique Le'Count thought so too. Until rash thinking sends him in pursuit of his ex girlfriend and spirals him into a chain of events that all point to disaster. Can he remember how to be the man he once was, battle his inner demons, and make the sacrifices to stop it? Considering that there are angry werewolves, crazed demons and snippy spirits, it would seem the world is giving Angelique a run for his money. But this is just the beginning of an Otherworldly Prophecy.

I received this book to give an honest review.

Now after reading the blurb I really thought this book was for me. I was going to devour this book! But it really fell flat for me. I felt that Angelique was just always woe is me. I just couldn't get a good feel on him, and not only that I seemed to be a bit lost within the story as to what exactly was happening at times.
The action scene I expected more being as this story deals with the paranormal. Angels, demons, Guardians, Half-Breeds, werewolves and more. I felt as there could have either been more blood-shed with the fighting scene or more action. 

I did get that Angelique has hit rock bottom and the one person he loves is who he needs back in his life he was written really good but just wasn't a character I could really enjoy reading about.

For me the only two characters I really liked and they have short parts and it is towards the end was Ashley who just had me chuckling with laughter at how she talked or handled situations. She knew how to speak her mind and get her point across. And Convel who even though he was cocky and a womanizer and acts like he doesn't have feelings was a just a hot character. 

Now the ending! I loved, being as it is a bit of a cliff-hanger but not much of one. I do wonder if in book two will it be more about Angelique or will it be with more of the other characters that played a part in this story line.

If you are a fan of the paranormal then give this author a try!

Natasha Ann Wetzel
Natasha is a a mother of two precious girls and married to the man of her dreams. She lives with her husband, children and fuzzy son (A Rotty/Pitt mix, named Lore.)in a small town of North Carolina. She enjoys good cups of tea and strong cups of coffee and playing with her kids and dog out in the sun.
After being born and raised for the first five years of her life in Frankfurt, Germany, Natasha then moved to the states with her family. (Mother, father and two brothers.) She was raised on a military base and lived to play out doors, or sit in front of a television on Saturday mornings. Throughout Natasha's life, she has had a love for stories. Whether they were movies, cartoons, made up by a friend or written in a book.
After many years of scribbling away on endless piles of notebooks and papers, she decided to take a break from poetry and musings to write a full book. As the task went on, she found countless stories begging to be told. Everything from YA to Sci-fi and more. She writes the Otherworldly Prophecies series and continues to write additional stand alone novels between the O.P. series release dates.
In the winter of 2013, Natasha partnered up with author Michael Loring to start a community for aspiring and seasoned authors. Stand Alone Authors quickly grew and became a major hit in the indie community as a "one stop shop" for authors of every kind. In the spring of 2014, they expanded into a YouTube channel. Their host, Andrew Ginier, talks about many things that authors may face on their writing and publishing journey.
Natasha hopes to only grow in her writing, but in the community that she has created. She loves the people that she has come to know from being an independent author. Often she says, she wouldn't trade it for the world. She's a writer, she's a reader and she's a supermom extraordinaire!
Her community webpage:
Happy reading!


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