Review: SOURCE: Greed, Power, Revenge, or is it Economic Terrorism by Zach Abrams

Royal National Bank is one of the largest and strongest financial institutions in the world. Or it was, until a series of revelations, each brought about by whistleblowers, rocks it to the core, causing its share price to falter and the entire stock market to ripple.

Could it be coincidence? Might a series of blunders and incompetence have brought about its decline, or is it sabotage? Could someone be powerful and ingenious enough to mastermind its demise? If so, Who? And Why? - Greed? Power? Revenge? Or perhaps Economic Terrorism?

Tom and Sally independently have their suspicions and become reluctantly twinned in the investigation. With Tom’s life and wellbeing imperilled by strange and cryptic threats, they seek to discover the cause before any further damage can take place.

Tom is struggling to hold his life together with a crumbling marriage and the most challenging investigation of his life. A new disaster counters his every move. He’s not paranoid, someone is out to get him!

I honestly am not sure how I want to write this review. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!! 
First let me say this is not my normal kind of book to read, but after I read the blurb I was like okay I'ma give this book a try for sure. It seems a bit mysterious. 
This was a story that I could put down and start reading something else then come back to it. I was not fully involved with the story being told. 

With that being said, it was a good story overall. It revolved around 3 journalist who have been sent to investigate the allegations around the RNB.  But I felt a lot of story kept mentioning if they were going to travel by train, plane, or car, and what they were going to eat for dinner. Yes there was a lot of investigating into who was after the RNB, and a little bit of mystery surrounding who was the person or persons involved. But it lacked a lot! 
You have Tom who is going through a rough patch in his marriage, but we don't get any answers as to if they worked anything out. It leaves you hanging and wondering.
Sally, she is her own character who I gave props to as she made sure she didn't give in to Tom's advances. I thought that was great. Not much to say about her as she was not a full character I would truly remember. Except that she likes to find answers to what she is looking into. 
To me it seemed as though the ending was rushed, there wasn't a lot of answers. I felt as though when Tom and Sally got their answer as to who was behind the bringing down of RNB nothing was fully done. It is like we have to speculate and I do not like that within a story being told. 

Zach Abrams After a successful career in business and finance, Zach Abrams has only recently started writing fiction.His first novel ‘Ring Fenced' was published in November 2011 and this is a crime story with a difference as the underlying theme is obsession tinged with power control and how they are used and abused.
This novel was followed by a collaboration with Elly Grant to produce ‘Twists and Turns’ a book of short stories and flash fiction.
Zach has completed his second novel ‘Made a Killing’ and this is currently being prepared for publication.
Alike his central character in ‘Ring Fenced,’ (Bemjamin Short), Zach Abrams grew up within an orthodox Jewish family. He completed his education in Scotland and went on to a career in business and finance. He is married with two children. He plays no instruments and has an eclectic taste in music, although not as obsessive as Benjamin.
Unlike Benjamin, he does not maintain mistresses, write pornography and (sadly)he does not have ownership of such a company. He is not a sociopath (at least by his own reckoning) and all versions of his life are aware of and freely communicate with each other


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