Review: Casting Shadows Everywhere by L.T. Vargus

In his own words, 15 year old Jake is a “huge pussy.” He flinches. Always. He's too timid to make a move on Beth, the buxom girl of his dreams, and too busy getting face-slammed into lockers by bullies to do much else. He seeks the guidance of the biggest badass he knows, his cousin Nick.
Nick is a professional burglar and makes Jake his apprentice. They stalk suburban neighborhoods night after night, ransacking houses for jewelry and sweet valuables. Nick teaches Jake the finer points of breaking and entering along with his dark philosophy - that there is no right or wrong in the world, just a series of events that happen without meaning.
At first, adopting Nick's callous worldview helps Jake get over his fears and confront his tormentors, but he also unleashes an aggression in himself he never thought possible. And as he learns more about his cousin, he realizes that Nick's crimes go way beyond burglary.
In the end, Jake must face not only the monster in his cousin but also the one in his own heart.

I received this book to give an honest review.

Now when the book started off I automatically thought this book has me captured from the first page and I see this is going to be a 5 wine glass book. I was a bit wrong. My rating ended me going back and forth between 3 and a 4 which in return I picked rating this book 4 wine glasses!

Now the overall story was good, you are reading the diary/journal of  fifteen year old Jack. You get his account of bullies, the girl he has a crush on, what his cousin Nick has him doing. The author did a good job with having us relate in a way with a teenage boy which is normally hard to do. 
I can say I didn't see the twist that happened towards the end and that was just an OH WOW moment that kick the book up from a 3 to a 4. And I loved the laugh out loud moments that was presented by Jack, along with the information about how the brain works. It was pretty cool information to read about. 

Jack considers himself a pussy and is not afraid to say it. He doesn't look for trouble and doesn't fight back when he is bullied. But then he gets his confidence by doing different things and it was great to see him gain it, but at the same time scary. He didn't gain it the right way, and that is what makes you concern for Jack!

Now what really got me was the fact the story seem to drift at times. You would be reading about what Nick has his cousin Jack doing then it would pop up some random thought. Then go into what him and Beth are doing. Even though I could follow along without getting confused it just kept throwing me off a bit and I didn't truly enjoy that!


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