Review: Summers' Love by Stu Summers

Following the collapse of her interior design business, Kate Winston moves to Georgetown with hopes of making it as a sales rep for Tasmania, a company selling personal protection devices for women. With rapes, robberies, and domestic violence on the rise, the nation's capital is a ripe market. But Kate's stun gun party implodes when her guests demand she sweeten the deal by providing autographed copies of In Heat, the latest best-selling novel by Stu Summers. With creditors breathing down her neck, Kate drives to Page Me Books, where adoring fans clamor for an autograph with the New York Times sexy and single romance writer.

Stu expects the flirty smiles and women fawning praise, but when his editor phones to inform Stu that his latest manuscript failed to impress the publishing board, his carefully crafted career begins to unravel. Stu has one week to deliver a complete rewrite that meets his reader's demanding standards. And he would if only he could write. But he can't. Not a lick.

For years Stu has paid a church secretary to ghostwrite his novels.Only now Hattie May Hall feels God calling her to write paranormal prairie Amish thrillers with an evangelical, Cinderella twist. With Stu's career on the line and Kate's big taser sale in jeopardy, an unlikely pair of hearts collide, providing a shocking climax at the world's biggest stun gun ball.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I am not big on romance books they are so hard to get into. But when I read the blurb to this one I figured you know what I will totally give this book a try and I am so glad I did. I literally was laughing at some parts, shaking my head at the main character, and most of all found myself enjoying the story. 

There were so many points in the book that I enjoyed reading and  the advice that was given by Hattie was just amazing and I agreed with her.
Now you may wonder okay who is Hattie that gives great advice, she plays a big role in Stu's life and knows the right thing to say.

Favorite quote: "Profanity is the sign of an unimaginative mind, dear." Totally fell in love with this being said as I find it to be true. 

Favorite quote number 2: "Soup simmers. Love needs stirring." How true is that and something that I need to think about in my own love life of marriage. 

You start off with Kate who is a woman that sells stun guns, yep I said it. When she tries to make her sales she decides to try another way to sell. In the process she meets Stu, now it is like love at first sight but Kate is a person who doesn't trust men. Now we all know that when a woman can not trust a guy it is because of something in their past. That is the same with Kate. She is very independent and has her own problems to deal with. 
 Now Stu this best selling author has a secret that he has been holding, and it comes to light as him and Kate deal with their feelings for each other. He is a gentleman, caring, sweet. 
I found myself wanting to shake Kate for being so rude, but then again I could see how she felt. When Stu opens up his heart and lays his feelings out my heart pattered with love and aww! I have to say the ending was a perfect way to end the book and I LOVED it! 
There is Christian references within the story, but it is nothing overbearing. It goes together wonderful and it fits the way the story is written perfectly. 
For those that pick a book based on the cover, don't do that with this book, pick up the book because of the blurb and the way the story is told. 
For those that enjoy humor with romance than check this out!


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