Review: Complements of a Dying Man by Amy Bol

17987240 You would think that loving a dying person would be difficult. On the contrary, it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done; far easier than building the world’s largest awareness ribbon in his memory, or explaining to two little girls that their father was dying, and definitely easier than learning to accept that I would ever love another man after he was gone. Oh sure, there were tears. But, he made me laugh in a dreary hospital room. He made me laugh while his heart was being shocked on a table in the ER, while being tricked into eating (by me), and even now as I think about the memory of him which remains, I laugh. The man gave me no other option. He complemented our lives with laughter, and so does his memory.

I honestly do not even know how to write this review. This was such a touching book that literally had me laughing at times and then turning around and drying my eyes. I have to say that being a mother who has a husband with her I can not even imagine what not only Amy went through but what the family went through.  This story tells heartache as well as the strength of a woman who held it together for her children.  This is a short read, and one that will stay with you I believe.  I really enjoyed how she tried to get her children to remember the good times about their father and not the times that he was sick. It touched my heart on so many levels.  It is a personal story that you can just feel the love that Amy had for her husband, and I am so glad that the author shared it with us. 

Amy Bol
I have always loved to write. My first book, a novella of short stories titled "Complements of a Dying Man" about losing my young husband to cancer, was a test to learn how to upload my work into Amazon. I was touched by the feedback and positive reviews which describe it as both humorous and heartfelt.
But my real love is writing adult, paranormal romance. My first novel in The Blueblood Legacies series, Draw of the Bane, is out now. I'm currently writing the sequel, Rise of the Red Wolf.
I live with one hot fiancée and two stubborn little girls who take after their mother (I know, pray for the man of the house). I have a serious addiction to coffee & diet coke, which I have no plans to stop, eat chocolate like they're going to quit making it, and treat April Fools Day as if it were a serious holiday, because, it is. You've been warned.


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