Review: Ting-A-Ling by Mike Faricy

21534123Continuing the Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Series with Case 7

After answering Danielle’s middle of the night phone call, private investigator Dev Haskell offers to help. It’s a simple task. All he has to do is deliver a message to her former business partner. The next thing he knows, Dev is involved in a missing person case and he can’t find his client or her business partner. That turns out to be the least of his problems when he finds himself on the hook for murder and all the evidence points toward him.

Meanwhile, an incident from his childhood continues to haunt Dev. With his very freedom hanging in the balance everything seems to be beyond his control. He’ll need all his skill and a good deal of luck to save himself. In a tale fraught with danger, Mike Faricy, Master of the Bizarre lays one twist on top of another until a murder rap becomes the least of Dev’s problems.

I received this book to give an honest review.

What can I say about this book other than if you love a humorous story, with a bit of mystery and P.I. work than you have to read Mike Faricy's book. Now I know this is book 7 as part of the Dev Haskell series, but they DO NOT have to be read in order. You get a new case with each book, and have the same main characters. The lawyer, P.I. Dev, the detective,  and his go to girl for everything Heidi.
Now with Ting-A-Ling Dev once again finds himself taking on a client who is a woman. Women are his weakness and you would think he would learn after all the problems they have caused him. 
This time it is no different, after getting a call in the middle of the night by a woman named Danielle he hears why she needs him and takes it on. Of course something sounds fishy but hey Dev needs money to pay the bills. But little does he know he is being taken on a ride and it is not fun at all. Someone from his childhood past comes back into play and Dev and he finds himself back into the radar of his famous detective friend.  

There is the action, mystery surrounding Danielle and why she needs Dev all rolled up into a perfect read. If you are looking for something that will have you shaking your head at the main character for his actions but at the same time laughing then get your hands on Ting-A-Ling.

Mike FaricyI was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, I still live there as well as in Dublin, Ireland. I've been a soldier, freelance journalist, tended bar, sold designer cakes, owned a painting and decorating company along with a number of other schemes and scams. If that doesn't offend you I also play bagpipes with the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band. All my books stand alone, read them in whatever order you wish. They are filled with the sort of oddballs we are all curious about, but wisely, prefer to keep at a distance. None of my characters will be saving the world from terrorism, international banking conspiracies or coups to take over the government. Rather, they inhabit a world just below the surface of polite society, characters with one foot on either side of the law. The circumstances they find themselves in are usually due to bad decisions, but bad decisions lead to interesting stories. They serve not so much as an example but as a warning to us all. Thanks for taking the time, happy reading.


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