Review: Double Take by Alyssa Turner

15782791Same face, same mission, same woman. One big risk...
In post apocalyptic New York, Shannon Morris has one job to do: find the secrets everyone wants to hide from the all-powerful Eaglecorp. From her appointed perch high above the underclass, she would never have guessed she'd become a rebel sympathizer, or fall for two men at the same time—twins.

Ex-military resistance fighters Tristan and Pryor Davies also have a mission: to take down Eaglecorp by any means necessary. And Shannon is their key. But loving Shannon was never part of that plan. It's a complication no amount of training could have prepared them for. They know instinctually how to rule her pleasure, and the sex between the three of them is explosive. But when the twins are forced to choose between their mission and Shannon, they struggle to find a solution they can live with. Because living without Shannon isn't an option.

Awakened to Eaglecorp's oppressive stranglehold on the people, Shannon begins to discover just what she's capable of. There's no turning back from the mission--or from the searing heat of twin lovers. Shannon is the key to defeating Eaglecorp, but only if she can unlock the truth before everything falls apart. In the end, the biggest secret she'll uncover might be her own...

I received this book to give an honest review.
I really wanted to give this book a higher rating, but for me it fell flat. The sex scenes were great, but I feel as though the book was more about sex than the main story line that was incorporated. You have the world taken in the future pretty much like it states in the blurb post apocalyptic. Though I really didn't get that feel of that. But you have your main people who live high and mighty that have credits which I take it as they use that to buy stuff. It was never really clear. Eaglecorp owns everything and pretty much everyone and there is a resistance that wants their time to end. Hence our two hot character Tristan and Pryro.
So Shannon meets the twins eventually in the story and it takes off from there. They want Shannon to help them with their resistance. Which at first she isn't sure about because all her feelings from meeting Tristan comes into play from so long ago! A few pages into the story you learn all about how Tristan and Shannon met. 
I would have wanted more of the story line with Shannon and the twins trying to bring down Eaglecorp instead of all the sex. Shannon learns a huge secret about herself that is a wow moment. It is amazing how Eaglecorp has used DNA! 
Tristan and Pryro are strong characters that are like night and day, but not only is their main focus on bringing down Eaglecorp it is also to protect and have Shannon for themselves. But can Shannon love both men? Or is her heart set for Tristan only?
Overall a decent story, just be prepared for a lot of sex scenes and not too much of the main story where it involves Eaglecorp. 

Alyssa Turner is every woman and like no other. The one who stares into space while standing in sensible shoes at the supermarket, and you wonder what she might be thinking. Few things make her smile like the rush of creativity—she’s addicted. When she isn’t writing, she’s cooking dinner or washing clothes…or dreaming up her next delicious scene. She enjoys writing in several sub-genres, including ménage and sci-fi and has several full-length epublications currently available. Her debut publication was a short in Best Women's Erotica 2011, edited by Violet Blue. More shorts appear in print anthologies from Xcite Books and Cleis Press, with the illustrious editors, Miranda Forbes and Rachel Kramer Bussel.


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