Review: Borderliners by Kirsten Arcadio

20896134A girl is found dead in a notorious New Age shop on the edge of the woods.
A Tarot card reading is left in Elena’s house. Is it a warning?
A man is watching her from the shadows of his room.
When a suicide, a diary and a mysterious visitor point to the same cult community, Elena must conquer her past to protect the future.
After moving to a village in the English heartland to set up a new psychotherapy practice, Dr Elena Lewis soon notices strange patterns of behaviour among the villagers. After a young woman is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Elena is left in possession of a diary. What she reads there leads her to the door of her neighbour, a magnetic but intimidating woman named Julia, who is the leader of a community known locally as the Charismatic Community.
As she investigates further, Elena meets a curious visitor to the village: Julia’s house guest, Tony. He has a message for her, but in order to decipher it, she must look beneath the surface and trust in her abilities to see what others cannot.
Borderliners is a dark psychological thriller with a twist which will keep you guessing to the end.

I received this book via Story Cartel to give an honest review. 3 1/2 star rating.

It started off to be a good book, but I eventually got lost especially towards the end. I had to read the last chapter twice to understand what was going on. It is a very good psychological thriller but I felt as thought it was lacking a bit on information. This book kind of reminded me of The Village by M. Night Shyamlan. You have this village but all is not what is seems and when you get to the end after being completely worked up with the story you felt let down only because you really didn't understand.

Example, Elena and Vince are in the woods investigating, after they found what they needed why not call the police? Instead I want to say they wait a day, then something happens but no one is never called? You knew what they were doing but yet you didn't do anything? I felt this was more of a mind thriller one of those books that will make you want to go back to re-read because you will probably find more information that you may have missed. Which I plan on doing once I have the time.

Story line: Good, keeps you engaged within the story to find out who exactly is the Charismatic Community and what exactly is they stand for. But lacks the action of the community being found out.

Characters: Elena- well she is a psychotherapist who came from a background of being put into a mental hospital pretty much. But she overcame it all and started her own practice to help others. She has a way of helping those that need her in a good way and without all the shock therapy.

Vince- Not sure about him. He seemed to like Elena but then he put up the vibes that he didn't. It was really confusing. He did seem to want to help her bring down the Charismatic Community.

Julia and her husband- they are their own people. They are the founders of the Community within the village and they say they are "help" people but are they really? Julia has a bit of mean streak within her and you can see it when you read.

The way the story seemed to leave off I hope that there is another book? Or at least a novella to where we get answers for things.

I do plan on reading more by this author, only because I want to see what else she has to give us readers. I hate to do this but since I was kind of confused at times with the story I have to give this book a three and a half! Now my review may change again once I read this book again.

Kirsten Arcadio is a writer who is passionate about speculative fiction.
She has worked for over fifteen years in digital communications chasing her dream that everybody should be able to access services and content they need online.
When she’s not reading, writing, thinking about writing, or watching Sci Fi, she’s plate-spinning digital content projects for her clients.

She loves all things Italian, including her husband, and once taught English in the Italian senate.


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