Blog Tour Review: The Deathly Rose Volume 1 by Melissa Turner


I received this book to give an honest review for part of a blog tour.
Okay so the writing style is completely different for me. It seemed for a brief moment I was kind of lost as to what exactly was going on within the story. I felt as though it lacked detail in some places with the main character. I have learned that there is a volume 2 so I am hoping that after reading volume 2 that maybe it will all work out and help me understand exactly what is going on. The ending cliffhanger left me with answers. :) 
What I got was a young girl's family is suppose to marry her off to someone, but it seems her sister hates her and likes to be mean. Then she confronts her parents, which they tell her something she didn't think could be possible and runs out of the house. I honestly am at a loss of what I should continue writing without giving away anything. 
I would say give this book a try and see if you truly understand the whole story. You may enjoy it, for me it was okay, but I will be giving book two a read to see if things get answered and if it is less confusing. 

A New and Rising Star in the Literary World
Melina Turner of Gympie, Queensland, Austrailia is a new author on the scene of short stories and flash fiction (For those like myself who did not know what flash fiction is - they are stories of 1500 words or less, usually 3 to 4 pages in length.)
Melina began her writing career while still in school. While in year 3 she wrote a poem entitled Wild Brumbies. It was her first published work and brought her to the attention of a teacher that recognized her talents and encouraged her to keep honing her skills. In year 5 Melina received the prestigious Honored Writer Award and never looked back. She bagan sending her poems to various outlets around the world thus gaining her international attention.
Until this year Melina has mainly wrote poetry, but she then decided to expand her literary accomplishments to include short stories. She has 2 stories coming out in the next few months. In March we are graced with Old Betray, a dark paranormal short story about an old ally who becomes a very dangerous adversay bent on revenge. This month we get a second helping of Melina's work with The Deathly Roses Volume 1, Wisty finds out the all she believed to be true in her life is false and sets out to find her natural parents and who she truly is. The lines between enemy and friend become blurred and Wisty must decide on which side she stands. The Deathly Roses Volume 1 can be purchased from Amazon or for the low price of just $.99.
To relax Melina plays the violin and the game Resident Evil. Some of her favorite authors are James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Isobelle Carmody and Darek Landy. Past times and authors as diverified as her wiriting skills. The publishing of these 2 stories is the begining of a long held desire for Melina. Be sure to look for and read these 2 stories when they come out and support the promise of this young author. Encourage her as she continues to grow in her talents and believe in her as much as she believes in her self. It may not be tomorrow, but one day we will see the name Melina Turner on the Top sellers list and you can say you knew her when.


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