Review: Game by Anders De La Motte

Aimless young Henrik “HP” Petterson finds a cellphone on a Stockholm train that invites him to play a game: in no time, he's embarking on daring, high-stakes missions that turn his ordinary life extraordinary. HP loves the thrill, and the rewards, but is there a sinister side to the seemingly innocent contest?
Meanwhile, ambitious Detective Rebecca Normen is moving up the career ladder in the Swedish Secret Service but is troubled by the handwritten notes she keeps finding in her locker. Whoever writes them knows way too much about her past. HP's and Rebecca's worlds inevitably collide. But if reality is just a game, then what is real?

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
I do enjoy books that have suspense and is a thriller it makes it more exciting to read. But even though the story line was really good and the characters were developed decent and I knew the book I received was an  UNCORRECTED PROOF.

  • I had problems with the book being as words were not capital when they should have been.
  •  Words running together without a space. 
  • And what really got to be was the fact that it would go back and forth between HP and his sister Rebecca so quick that I would be like what the heck happened? Only to have it finish telling me what happened about a page later. I think the author could have used something to let us know when the story was going to flip between the two.

I really enjoyed how HP had different tasks to do and towards the middle you kept wondering if it was truly a game or is someone playing him and his sister.
When HP finds a cell phone that is when the so-called fun begins. Every job he does gets him money which of course he likes, and he does seem to let it all go to his head a bit. But when things change for HP and the Game is it all worth it? Will HP get answers on why he was picked? How far will the Game and HP go?  His sister is not all squeaky clean herself she has a past which slowly comes through the story. I kept wondering if we would hear about it and it took a while but I am glad we found it would before the next book in the series.
Overall it was a decent read, very long but good. It will be getting a 3 wine glass rating for the points above.

Ander de la Motte (b. 1971) made his debut in 2010 with [geim], which won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writes First Book Award. He is a former Police Offer and was until recently Director of Security at one of the world's largest IT companies. He is currently an International Security Consultant. With his blend of fast-paced suspense, humor, and informed commentary on IT and social media. Anders de la Motte represents a distinct new voice in Scandinavian crime fiction: wild, playful and full of references to popular culture, including his literary cousin Philip K. Dick  


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