Review: Bloodline of the Black Dragon by Lachelle Redd

A queen terrified for the future of her kingdom and her young, handsome son, Prince Caleb, seeks the advice of an ancient being in order to sway fate. Her son must journey far from home and from what he knows to a land of poverty, lust and a curse. The curse of the dragon where once a prominent kingdom lay, now lay in dark days and wicked nights.

I love reading this types of books. That have kingdoms, and dragons and someone coming to save the day but yet fall in love.
This is a story read I want to say about 134 pages. You can get yourself put within the story within a matter of minutes and follow the adventure that Prince Caleb and his friends end up taking.

When Prince Caleb ends up falling for the girl in town her father is not to thrilled. He is hateful, and his actions bring upon the dragon. The dragon that is destroying people and the town. It is up to Prince Caleb to kill the dragon without dying himself. He has to end the bloodline of the dragon.
I do wish this story could have kept going as I really enjoyed reading it.

Releasing the final book in the Wood Sprite series. Serena Reborn: The Final Battle is complete and will be available soon.
As for my next project, no more woodland creatures, going in a new directions and I hope you like it.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.
L Redd


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