Review: Always Smiling Through The Tears by: Kenny

In October, 2010, Kenny put 2 nooses round his neck in the garden shed. Twice. This is his story, a story of a broken home, mixed race children, racism, adversity and heartbreak. Suicide is all too common in our broken society, and here you see it revealed from the inside, to find what actually drives somebody to the point where the pain of death is seen as preferable to the pain in life.
Told in his own words, his own language, the raw emotion comes through so you feel his pain beneath the facade of smiling happiness, Kenny would like this to be a manual for people in pain, giving them help and resources to conquer their problems and live a full and happy life.  

I really was excited to read this book because for the simple fact of the title. When you have a title like this you think okay this person has been through some things but they still seem to come out on top. Now at times I could relate to Kenny and not being listen to or not wanting to put his problems onto others, because who wants to bring others down with bad news or bad feelings. No one. Overall the story was filled with emotion of hope, love, death, heartache, hurt and so much more. It is a wonder that Kenny still had love for anyone with all the people who broke his heart and let him down. I understood why he wanted to take his life but I found it to be a sign that it didn't work out like he hoped. He was meant to tell his story so others can understand that even though things are not going your way, you have thoughts of committing suicide, you are being hurt by others actions you shouldn't take you life because you are worth so much more. Get rid of those around you that are causing you heartache, easier said than done and I agree with that. I found myself upset with Jess being as she was back and forth with Kenny and he is a good man who kept giving her his all only to have his feelings and heart thrown back at him. The way his mother treated him I honestly did not like it, she didn't seem like the loving mother he needed. But you could see she had problems and I know it must have been hard on Kenny to see his mother go through such a rough time and not be able to do anything. Kenny has a past that breaks your heart on so many levels, he seems like a good guy but it seems that the good guy got nothing but hurt from so many people close to him. 

Now the reason I gave this book a 3 wine glass rating is because first of all the grammar mistakes that really should have been caught. There were way to many to just bypass and say that is okay. Second, it really kept throwing me off every time he would stop telling his story to say do you need to call your family? Are you thirsty? It was like whoa wait. Then it would go back into the story. Plus there was a lot of sorry's..... being said within the story. Every time Kenny would stop telling his story to ask if you needed something drink or to catch his emotions because he would cry over being treated horrible he would say sorry. I know that is something that most people say but it was like you should have to say sorry so many times within a page. 

Other than those things, it was a good but long story. Filled with a lot of emotion. Even though I gave this book a 3 rating I still say give it a read see if you like it. 


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