Review: 150 plus Great Fundraising Ideas by Kelly Elkins

A list of successful fundraising ideas for both small and large nonprofit organizations to use as a planning tool when developing their fundraising strategy. Designed to answer the often asked question “What can I do to raise money?” it contains a list of over 150 ideas that range from simple to product sales to large signature events and multi-year sports events that can attract thousands of participants. Many of the fundraising events presented include helpful tips to help you maximize potential income as well as useful information to assist in event planning.

I received this to book to give an honest review.

There are a lot of helpful ideas on how to boost fundraising. And since I am in the middle of doing a fundraiser myself along with others I have taken these ideas and are putting them to use. There are ideas for a walk/run, Wine tasting, street circus. And so much more. 
There just so many cool ideas that are given, that I really would like to try in the future. She has great tips and ideas. If you are looking for some ideas on how to do a fundraiser, or what kind of ideas you need pick this book up.

Over 30 years working in marketing, event planning, fundraising and serving on nonprofit boards as well as executive management at large nonprofit healthcare organizations, Kelly Elkins has organized and lead many successful fundraising events and campaigns. She has launched successful community programs, sustained existing charities, and expanded services being offered. Her passion is supporting youth and social service community programs. Elkins is an experienced nonprofit executive, project manager, compliance officer, and has extensive experience in research and quality improvement within the nonprofit healthcare, education and community program fields.  


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