Review: Windows of the Soulless by Olivia Owens

Neither purely good nor darkly evil, Nicolas Rider struggles to find a balance between the human he was and the vampire he is now. But somewhere in the midst of the constant sarcastic bickering with a rival vampire, protecting his best friend, and fighting off werewolves along with the more dangerous nomadic vampires, he manages to fall for the only vampire he is not meant to be with. Young and naive, she is off limits yet something draws him to her, compelling him to hold her as his lips yearn to touch hers. And despite knowing the dangers that getting too close to her would surely bring to the family, he finds himself ignoring the risks and savoring how good making the wrong choices can feel.

I received this book to give an honest review.
This is a different kind of take on a vampire. You have Nicolas who is a vampire and tries very hard to keep his humanity even though it is hard. I do like how he does not like to kill or feed from children. But as we know a vampire trying to keep his humanity is hard to do, especially when you are a creature of the night.
I liked how when Nicolas would get upset his English accent would come out, how hot is that. 
There are werewolves within the story but they don't play a very big part and it comes more towards the end. 
Nicolas is a very strong main character within this story and doesn't really take much from anyone. He treats women like they are suppose to be treated and expects others such as Luther to do the same. There is some intense fighting scenes within the story that had me intrigued on how it would end. 
When Nicolas falls in having feelings with a young vampire that he is not suppose to mess with being as there is a thing called bloodlust. Things start going a bit down hill, there is a lot of blood spilled, Nicolas gets himself tortured but finds an alley to help him get out of a serious jam. This alley is someone who Nicolas wouldn't have thought twice about killing. 
It is a very dark story but very good. If you like vampires I say give this book a try.
I do wonder if we will read more of Nicolas and his vampire world. 

About the author:
The freelance writer, Olivia Owens wears many hats with her two degrees and a full time mother gig. Sometimes, she is even brave and wears an actual hat but not often. Sarcastic and witty, she isn’t afraid to make others laugh, even at her fake British accent. Her competitive nature drives her to make every book her best but she still realizes that nobody is perfect… that’s why there is spell check. Ohio has always been her home but she knows that she does not have to go far to see the world. She just opens a book.



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