Review: Lost in the Seven Worlds by Petronela Ungureanu

Lost in the Seven Worlds is the debut work of Petronela Ungureanu, an avante-garde Romanian writer.
When a young woman finds herself captive in another world, she makes the mistake of falling for one of the disgraced beings. In the name of love, she is confronted with a most disturbing demand and faces a crucial decision. Will she remain lost in the Seven Worlds, or will she accept the challenge of a love beyond mortality?  

I received this book to give an honest review. 4.5
First let me start off with the cover. It looks just amazing so beautifully done.
Now when I started reading this story I was like okay it is only 19 pages how much can be really told within that many pages. And let me say a lot was written it, I would like to read more maybe book two? Or maybe even a series? The cliffhanger left me going hmm what more can happen between these two characters. This author has a real writing talent. You get a mention of the Seven Worlds but not enough detail on them. Maybe in another story there will be more focus towards them. You do learn a lot about the different races that are living on one of the worlds. The relationship between the heroine (who was taken from Earth at such a young age) and Lord Idris is one that I can see developing into something more. I do wish there was more to her kidnapping I know that she was given a vague answer but I still would have liked to have known more the only think I hope for is a possible book two for more answers and details. 

Petronela Ungureanu  I love elves, fairies and writing about them. I have just published my very first short story on Amazon and I am deliriously happy :). It is called "Lost in the Seven Worlds" and it is a magical romance :).


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