Review: Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala

Vera's dating Zach, casually, not committed, when she discovers her long-departed father is the killer of Zach's mother many years ago.
Meanwhile, Zach reevaluates his life after losing his leg in a tragic accident and realizes he's falling in love with Vera.Can their timing be so wrong? Vera knows the relationship is doomed, but she cannot resist the tugging of her heart and Zach's panty-melting grin.
Caught in a web of family secrets and hidden agendas, Vera and Zach must depend on each other for survival. A dangerous killer is on the loose, and Vera must find the truth, wherever it leads, even if it destroys her chance for love forever.Knowing Vera is suspenseful, cross-cultural romance mixing an unsolved murder, adventure, and hot, steamy love scenes. 

I received this book via The Cheap Ebook to give an honest review.

Well when I first got this book I did not know it was part of a series. I always like to make sure I read a book that is part of a series in order that way I do not miss anything. With Knowing Vera I didn't miss too much except how exactly Zach lost his leg. You get a small bit of how he lost it but not enough to satisfy me.  Even though I did give this book a 3 1/2 wine glass rating I do want to read the other books in the series. I just did a little research and it looks as though with his book being number 3 it is not truly part of a series. So if I read book 1 and book 2 it is no where connected to this book. 

The mystery surrounding Zach's mothers death and Vera's  father plays a big part within this book and makes you guess until the end as to who truly killed Zach's mother. Even though the mystery was really good I literally wanted to smack Vera upside the head a few times on the way she acted. Sometimes I wondered if she was a high school girl or an adult, especially the way on how she would treat Zach. Now I know she has daddy issues but still she kept giving mix signals to Zach that I am surprised he even wanted to be with her so much. I would have kicked her to the curb. But I guess if he did that then they wouldn't have fallen in love made a cute ending and found out who the real killer was. 

Now Cliff OMG he is the most annoying book person I have ever really known. Vera kept telling him that she didn't want him but he never got a clue, but Vera never seemed to really mean what she said to him. I couldn't feel the force within her words. 

I did really like the ending that was given to Vera and Zach I thought it was sweet and perfect with all Vera went through. But for this book it just really was not for me this time. 

Rachelle Ayala  Rachelle Ayala is the author of dramatic fiction crossing genres and boundaries featuring strong but flawed characters. She writes emotionally challenging stories and is not afraid of controversial topics. However, she is an optimist and laces her stories with romance and hope.

Rachelle Ayala has written four novels. Michal’s Window is a powerful and emotional journey as lived through the eyes of Princess Michal, King David’s first wife. Broken Build is a story of redemption and healing where a man learns to love and trust the woman who destroyed his life. Hidden Under Her Heart is a heartfelt love story mixed with controversy over difficult decisions.

Her latest is Knowing Vera , a steamy romantic suspense involving family secrets, disability, and an unsolved murder.

Visit her at: Website: Blog: or follow @AyalaRachelle on Twitter.


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