Review: Erin The Fire Goddess Jo's Story (3.5) by Lavinia Urban

Jo Smith is not your normal human being. Half fairy and half witch, Jo grew up living with her aunt and uncle, along with her cousins. Life seemed to be going good for a change, that was until she met Dr. Hammersmith and the life that was once normal is turned upside down when she agrees to go and work for him.

Jo soon discovers that not all humans are the same, some are unique and special. She is given a mission to keep a close eye on Dr. Hammersmith and look out for a girl called Erin who can help so many people.

Follow the story of Jo and find out what she really does for Dr. Hammersmith.  

I received this book to give an honest review.

WOW! This author has done it once again. She has written a novella that will keep you coming back wanting to read more within this series. This time you are following Jo who doesn't play too big a part within the other stories but she does make her presence known. With her story you find out how she started working with Dr. Hammersmith and her background which is kind of sad in a way. You have to read this story after you read book 3 that way you understand all that goes on and what exactly each role the characters play within the story. I am already reading to get my hands on book 4 and I know there has to be one in the works or at least I hope so.  We know Erin plays a big part within the series but we just do not know quite how big of an impact she plays. Jo learns she has a job and Dr. Hammersmith is hoping she will take what he is offering her. 

If you have not started reading this amazing series then I suggest you get to it because you are missing one of the best series in my opinion of the year. 

Lavinia Urban  I originally grew up in Winsford, Cheshire and moved to Edinburgh in 2000.
I am now married with 2 daughters and live just outside of Edinburgh.
Writing has always been something that I have loved and I have been writing since an early age.
It wasnt until 2010 when the idea came to me to write Erin the fire goddess. It is a series of books and all books are available in both ebook and paperback version.
I decided to use the name of the main character and her sister as my two daughters, who inspire me to write every day.


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